10 Tips How to Become an Instagram Influencer

Here we are in the most important part of today’s post, which is the very reason why I am writing this. Read these 10 tips to become an Instagram Influencer and make money with the help of Instagram

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1. Choose a Niche For Your Instagram Profile

To become an Instagram influencer, this is the first thing you need to do before just opening an account.

Niche or niche is the topic of your Instagram profile, or what you will “talk” about. It can be anything you have an interest in, or you just love to do.

Literally, there are a million topics to choose from, and I believe there is at least one that you have the passion, will, and desire to do.

In order to become an influencer in a certain niche, you will need to regularly publish pictures and other content related to that topic, which is why I said that you must have an interest because otherwise, you will get bored.

Makeup, car editing, garden landscaping, travel, hairstyles, do-it-yourself, fishing, and the like are all possible niches. I repeat you have to have an interest in a particular topic and then post content related only to that topic, not in general.

Take a look at an example of an Instagram influencer whose topic is gardening. All the images are related to gardening, and therefore have a very targeted audience.

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2. Write an Interesting Description

Once you’ve decided on a particular niche, now is the time to set up your Instagram account. I’m not going to talk about registration, because I believe you all know that, and it’s pretty simple.

A description or BIO as it is called in Instagram is what you first see when you log in to someone’s Instagram profile. You should come up with something interesting that will draw people’s attention to your profile, and encourage them to start following your content.

3. Share Your Stories

Not to be confused, by this I don’t mean Instagram Story, but that your pictures must have some interesting story. If you thought you were going to become a successful Instagram influencer by just posting pictures, you are wrong.

Photos on your profile must also have a good description and their own story. For example, how the photo came about, what the photo shows, and the like.

In this description of the image, you need to be interesting, and encourage profile visitors to react, be it likes, comments, profile tracking, going to a particular website, and the like.

Also, you don’t want to go somewhere and look for interesting photo descriptions, the most important thing is to be unique in what you do.

4. Post Content regularly

I would say that this is perhaps the most important thing and at the same time the most difficult. As the owner of this and several other blogs, I can tell you that it is not easy to be constant in your work, especially if no one “forces” you to work.

You can have everything else set up well, but if you don’t post content regularly, you’re unlikely to succeed. Your visitors must always see something new on the page in order to remain your followers.

Most Instagram Influencers post content once a day. Some do it several times a day, while some publish content only once a week.

What’s important is that you need to set a posting schedule so your audience can expect when you’ll be rolling out new content.

Set yourself a goal that you can meet, not one that you can’t – it leads to great frustration and less interest from your followers.

5. Select Useful Hashtags

Hashtags help people find your content on Instagram. Eg. #onlinezarada is a hashtag. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post/photo. It is advisable to use them as much as possible.

But before you start using excessive hashtags, wait! It’s not always best to take a hashtag with too much content – this automatically means that the competition is much bigger.

Greater competition makes it harder for people to find your content in the abundance of others. Let’s face it, you don’t need to take hashtags with 200 posts, but don’t use hashtags with 2 million posts either.

When someone searches for hashtags, the first few photos are always “Top Posts”. This is what you need to strive for, for your photo to end up in this category for a particular hashtag. Therefore, it is wise to avoid too much competition when choosing a hashtag.

When you type a particular hashtag, Instagram always offers you similar ones and shows you the number of posts – so choosing hashtags is pretty easy.

6. Switch to a Business Account

A Business Account gives you a lot of features that “ordinary” Instagram users don’t have. Of course, switching is free and you can do it at any time.

The most important thing you get when you switch to an Instagram Business Account is that you will get an insight into the Instagram Analytics of your audience (demographics, etc.), and an insight into your posts and reactions to them.

Also, a big advantage of Instagram Business accounts is that you can advertise on Instagram, ie. promote your posts and stories. Eg. if you are in an Affiliate Program, this way you can promote your products.

Also, many users initially promote their account a bit in order to gain a certain number of followers – because as with everything, it’s the hardest in the beginning.

If you really want to become a serious Instagram influencer, switching to a business account is a must!

7. Use Instagram Story

Instagram Stories (Instagram stories) is probably the most popular thing right now on Instagram. If you are already an Instagram user, the chance that you don’t know what Instagram Story is very small. You’ve probably caught yourself flipping through stories for hours to see what the people you’re following were doing that day.

What is important is that regularly posting Instagram stories can increase the number of followers and the visibility of your account. How?

You can also add Hashtags to your Instagram story, as well as Location. When someone searches for a particular hashtag or location, they will also see your story, and potentially start following you.

Also, when you have over 10,000 followers on your Instagram account, then you can post links with the Swipe Up function in your stories. This feature allows someone to slide up and open the page you linked to

8. Connect with Others

What’s important with social media is that you need to connect with people. As people are interested in your content, so do you for theirs, ie. you need to react to their posts, comments, and the like.

Engagement is in English, which is a little harder to translate directly into Croatian, but we can see it as a kind of reaction to certain content.

If someone comments on a photo or sends you a message, always try to reply to them. In addition to replying, feel free to comment and like other people’s posts. In this way, you will connect better with others, and you will gain some trust from your audience, ie. your companion.

Try these few tips on your posts and stories to increase your audience’s engagement (reactions):

In the description of the photos, emphasize what you want people to do (Call To Action)

Post content at the time when most of your followers are on Instagram (this is usually in the evening – this also depends on the location of your followers)

Use surveys in your stories

Organize some competitions or gifts (eg organize a competition for the best car image)

Start following users with similar content as yours, and respond to their posts (comment, like, etc.)

It’s pretty easy to connect with other users who have similar content because you can start following certain hashtags on Instagram. That way you will always be up to date and you can react to posts.

9. Label certain brands and contact them

Once you’ve gained a slightly larger number of followers (min. 1,000), it’s time to start tagging certain brands, companies, and the like in your posts. This will also catch their eye, and if they need something, there is a chance that they will contact you to promote a particular product or service.

You can also contact them and ask directly for certain things, free products, and the like – of course in exchange for promoting those things on your Instagram profile.

Let me tell you right away, it’s not easy to contact someone and expect them to respond, probably a very small number of brands will respond to your Instagram message at all.

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