Spain Busts Illegal Tobacco Gang Exploiting Ukrainian Refugees

Spanish authorities closed down three illegal tobacco factories and arrested 27 suspected members of a criminal group that employed Ukrainians

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What’s a Proxy? Using Relatives, Shell Companies, and Other Stand-Ins to Hide Illicit Wealth

The Russian cellist, the Chinese exchange student, and the 11-year-old son of an Azeri dictator What binds this diverse set

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Abramovich Had Secret Partnership with Kremlin in a Major Forestry Company

Lawyers for Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich argue he should not be sanctioned because his ties to the Kremlin are weak…

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CRYPTO CURRENCY: Scam—Sophisticated extortion of money from naive “investors”

How crypto enthusiasts are lying to themselves about the revolutionary nature of their movement and why bitcoin will never be

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Pro-Russian groups are raising funds in crypto to prop up military operations and evade U.S. sanctions

Pro-Russian groups are raising funds in cryptocurrency to prop up paramilitary operations and evade U.S. sanctions as the war with

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