How to Become an Instagram Influencer and Make Money?

Today we can often hear terms like an influencer, influencer marketing, and the like

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You all know that many Instagram influencers earn quite a sum of money every month, but I got a lot of questions about how to make money as an influencer. That’s why I decided to write this article and show you how to become an Instagram influencer and start making money on this social network.

Newspapers, social networks, YouTube, and other media are full of stories of successful influencers who enjoy the benefits of life while making great money.

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But is that really so? What do you think?

Read this article to the end, where I will describe what you need to do to become a successful influencer and decide for yourself whether this is the “easiest” job.

So let’s start with the tips…

What Do You Need To Become An Instagram Influencer?

Before we move directly to the tips on how to become an Instagram influencer, I want to show you roughly what you need so that you can become one:

Order, Work, and Discipline!

Camera or mobile phone with a very good camera – You can buy a solid camera on the sniffer for around € 400. Mobile phones with quality cameras are quite expensive, and you will have to shell out at least € 600-700. But you can use your cell phone for multiple purposes. Certainly, it is recommended to buy a camera.

Camera stand – can be a tripod or anything similar, you will need to take the best photos.

Extras – There can be countless other things here, depending on the topic and content of your profile.

I believe that the first three things are the basis of every successful Instagram influencer. Order, work, and discipline are certainly the most important. But since Instagram is mostly based on photos and videos, it’s important to have a solid camera and a camera stand for the best pictures.

Like I said, additional things can be anything depending on the topic of your content. Eg. if you have a food profile, then you will probably need a variety of decorative plates, fancy cutlery, and the like to attract the attention of even more audiences.

Continued: 10 Tips How to Become an Instagram Influencer

Continued: 10. Make Money on Instagram

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