TASTY AND HEALTHY: Chicken fillet garnished with five types of vegetables

Chicken fillet with five types of vegetables



A simple summer dish, which is prepared quickly, and at the same time it is tasty and healthy because the chicken is garnished with five types of vegetables.


  1. Chicken fillet – one chicken breast
  2. blue eggplant -1 piece
  3. red pepper – 4 pieces
  4. zucchini – 1 piece
  5. tomato – 1 larger piece
  6. onion – half a smaller head
  7. garlic as desired


Photo: By A.M. blue eggplant


Photo: By A.M. blue eggplant fried


Photo: By A.M. blue eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini



The eggplant is cut into rings and fried separately until it becomes crispy and soft. Separately chop the paprika, onion, and tomato and simmer for 15-1k minutes. After that, the zucchini is cut into small cubes and added to the mixture of peppers and tomatoes and continue to simmer for another 10 minutes.

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To all this, add pre-fried eggplant, which is simmered for another five minutes and mixed together with peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini.

In the second pan, fry the chicken fillet, which is pre-cut into small cubes and spices as desired. When everything is done, the chicken is served on a plate and garnished with a mixture of five types of vegetables. Try it a lot is DELICIOUS!


Photo: By A.M. stewing wigs, tomatoes and onions


Photo: By A.M. frying chicken fillets
Photo: By A.M. a combined mixture of all five kinds of vegetables

Try it is very DELICIOUS!

Prepared by: A.M.


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