Video and photo gallery: Healthy autumn fruits from Mountain Tara

Autumn, in addition to its beauty, brings another important benefit – and that is healthy food.



Although autumn seems to be the time when all of nature dies down, many very nutritious plants are waiting just this season to delight us with their fruits.



Gardeners look forward to autumn the most. Because then they reap the fruits of their hard work. If the harvest is rich, the joy is even greater. In whatever corner of our beautiful country you are: in gardens, orchards, fields, vineyards, or in the woods, we will be enchanted by the beautiful colors of nature and we will enjoy the smells and tastes of ripe fruit.



In our editorial office, we received beautiful photos of one such autumn garden, which is located in Mountain Tara – Montenegro.




We have already talked a lot about pumpkins since there are no more recognizable symbols of autumn than them. We can eat it alone, baked in the oven, in pies, cakes, soups, and savory dishes, but also in juices, cocktails, and hot drinks. And finally, we can play with her bark by making a scarecrow’s head.



Autumn fruits should also be sought in the forest. We are happy to find real autumn porcini mushrooms, so healthy that we could eat them raw. They are a real specialty; whether we bake them, cook them “sour”, or store them frozen, pickled, or dried for the winter.





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