Pecanin: Solak and Hodzic must be arrested! Legal system crashes with charges dropped against Lagumdzija and Dodik

In 2010, Dodik and Lagumdzija came to power and “dropped” indictments against them!

Respirators are a criminal scandal, Solaka and Hodzic had to be arrested, detained and questioned immediately! Obviously the Prosecution is covering up the case!

Who believes in the story that Fikret himself, in the break of raspberry digging, would arrange himself to import a respirator! Solak and Hodzic couldn’t do this alone!

Solak drops expert on constitutional law, tenders… This is called chaos! This chaos has come about long ago: at KCUS, Faculty of Medicine, Health Centers, Medical Chamber, all because of the influence of Sebija Izetbegović!

The MUP did the perfect job, the Racket investigation, and the FBI would not be ashamed of such documentation! Lagumdzija was filmed secretly in the office, institute, office in SDP, was sounded at all times! When Nihad Imamovic carried 2.5 million marks for a racket, when Lagumdzija was to be arrested, Minister Kurtes informed Lagumdzija!

When Kurtesh committed a traffic offense, Lagumdzija gave it up! The brilliantly prepared investigations against Dodik, Lagumdzija and Covic fell when the three of them came to the fore – since then the legal system has been like this… The prosecution had to react against Sebija Izetbegovic. The SDA bears the biggest blame for the situation in BiH.

We are in danger of disaster if we do not reset society, politics and the system! We need a leader!

Face.ba / Balkantimes.press

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