Divjak: The state of BH is a floss, it’s gone! Kljuic: Sarajevo has released the idea of BH! The party did not save Sarajevo, they are citizens!

We have sworn in the Presidency to defend a secular, multinational BiH, the country has been betrayed by domestic forces! May 2nd and March 1st are the most significant dates in the history of BiH!

Divjak: It all went to the vest the moment when an officer at the ARBiH headquarters put up a sign stating that when he called himself selam, then the idea of a multinational Bosnia went to a vest…

Centrifugal forces, Karadzic and Boban were defeated. Politicians who are supposed to be representatives of the internationally recognized BiH have become one of three parties! Foreigners help divide BiH, IMF talks to party presidents, not Parliament!

The state is divided, but the party will not allow official division because of the Russians who would automatically enter BiH! No party saved Sarajevo, but citizens! We cannot equate period 92-95 with Coron!

Key: I’m careful and that’s why I walk only in free territory, that’s why I wasn’t arrested as Ganic. Alia was not allowed to sign Dayton! When the devaluation of the staff began, the era of those who rule today, they are networked, they are marrying children for the caste to take place! Patriotism is being talked about by those who were not here on May 2 and 3!

“Probosanski” sounds nice, they make such a block and they differ in ideas, these are the goals of those who impersonate themselves!

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