CHINA has bypassed and slapped EVERYBODY !

EARNED MORE THAN 20 BILLION DOLLARS IN A FEW DAYS! In addition, it returned about a 30% stake in companies held by the WESTERN in China!

Here’s how the leftist Communist XI JIPING fooled smart Europeans and Democrat Americans. Before the eyes of the whole world, they played a wonderful game.

Previously, the shares of technology companies belonged to Europeans and Americans who had dislocated their dirty industry to China. This means that almost half of the proceeds from the heavy and chemical industries did not go to China’s CASU, but to “financial shark” accounts in Europe and America.
Due to the situation in Wuhan, Juan began to decline, but the Chinese Central Bank did nothing to support Juan. There were many rumors that China did not even have enough masks to fight the virus corona. These rumors and the statement by XI JIPING that he was prepared to protect the Wuhan people by blocking borders have led to a sharp fall in stock prices (44%) by Chinese technology and chemical industries. “Financial Sharks,” they started selling all Chinese stocks, but no one wanted to buy them until they became totally baggage. XI JINPING – then pulling the MAESTRAL DRAW, he waited all week and just grinned at the press conferences. And when the price fell below the allowable limit, he gave the order, at one point, to buy ALL the shares of Europeans and Americans! Then the “financial sharks” realized that they were FRAUDED and played! BUT, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Stocks were already in the hands of KNR!

Not only did China earn $ 20 billion dollars, but these days it returned the shares of its companies to China and became the owner of the heavy industry on which the EU and the Americas depend, and now the price is set by the Communist Party of China! Now the proceeds of their companies do not go beyond China’s borders, but stay home! And China’s foreign exchange and gold reserves have been preserved!
So the “F.M.P” remained stunned, and within minutes the Chinese were picking up their shares, which now bring them … billions of dollars in revenue!

Such a great operation, has not yet happened in the history of the world stock market !! And YOU, about the KORONA VIRUS! … and the masks imported from CHINA …. CHESS-MAT ”


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