National divisions are constantly talked about in Bosnia, with political elites passing out over coffee breaks

The scandal over the compromising footage, which leaked during the election of a candidate for president of the SDA Cantonal Committee, also reflected on the election of the new Government in Sarajevo Canton, which was already in its final stages. The new mandator stated in his exposition that the ministers in the new government are Bosniaks, two Croats, two from the rest. When it was found that the problem was that there were no Serbs in the new Government, a 15-minute break was suggested. That time was enough for one of the two proposed Croats to declare himself Serb. The session continued, as there was a wolf sit and a sheep in number. During the ‘push break’, the man changed the nation before the eyes of the whole public and in front of his fellow MPs (who congratulated the Catholic holidays for many years) and the session continued because the form was respected and the essence didn’t matter.

We live in an era of politicians – prelates. Ideas no longer connect people, but money, positions and power. People without any ethical norms, principles and clear political strategy, once in the wars, entered the drum called power. During the election, that drum was spinning, mostly the same people were drawn from it. The election was very little influenced by the will of the voters, because the elections are neither fair nor fair. Votes were traded, votes were displaced or people who were long dead. The ruling authorities also came to the people with the famous Bulgarian train. That is why for over 25 years we have been watching these same hateful faces, corrupt, arrogant, insatiable power, power and political influence.

Over time, political parties have established a system that is difficult to shake. This system is composed of nepots, despots and criminals, who deal with pre-election and post-election mathematics, especially combinatorics. The parties come in various combinations with differently oriented parties. The Left, Right Orienteering and Center parties often come together in one basket to stay in power. Mayakovsky is long overdue, and we are far from saying: “Who marches left and left right there …” Political parties for individuals have the function of a deputy, because many often change party jerseys as Machiavellian as “the goal justifies the means.” The goal is to stay on the political scene for as long as possible. In the meantime, many authorities have been indicted, litigating corruption, abuse of office, but that doesn’t change anything.

The people know everything and keep quiet, they feel powerless to change anything. He tries to be eligible to such political elites and play by their game rules, or flee the country. They are the least resourceful trenching containers.

The main tool of the rulers is the manipulation of the masses, sowing fear of the other and the different. By creating national tensions and political crises, the people are kept in a constant fear of war, and the rulers remain in power thanks to that fear.

There is a constant saying that Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks are threatening each other somewhere. We are far from a civil state, we keep to the ethnos as a constant. However, this constant, which man attains by birth (which was the reason for the past war), may seem to change when it is necessary for one to maintain power or form power.

Power is the only thing that has not changed for many years, and it necessarily should. Our rulers are our fate and, as measured by human life, have become constant and unchanging in the lives of citizens. While everything else is susceptible to change: ideas, principles, Parisian jerseys, in recent times, and the nation.

Recently, we have witnessed that in Bosnia, without any shame, people accept a nationality that is deficient at a given moment, even though they do not belong to it.

After last elections, two Bosniaks converted to Serbs. There was also a ‘buy hoof’. Some parties have grown post-election, because some MPs were bidding, so they went to the one who pays more …

For the replacement of the old Government, KSh outweighed the vote of the Bosniak MP, who, of his own volition, became a Serb after the last elections. While the New Government gave legitimacy to the Croat who broke the record and became a Serb in only 15 minutes.

Politicians are rolling in their own mud more and more, for the sake of everyone. They “agree” to agree or blame each other, but only in front of the cameras, otherwise they keep each other’s back no matter who the nation belongs to. The country of Bosnia has become a small bar with many crocodiles.

What should citizens expect from such people, and such authorities? What can the citizens expect from the Rialitians in the Assembly benches, where not only legal, mental and physical violence is perpetrated, from MPs who touch the moral bottom just to be part of the government? What can Sarajevo expect from all publicly compromised ministers in the new Government?

No one can say that in Bosnia the national question is a seed of discord and that the nation means something to someone. The national question has become the best weapon anyway! National sentiment can be manipulated, and the nation can be changed and reset again after the change serves a purpose.

Bosnia is neither Bosniak nor Croatian nor Serbian. The triumvirate of constituents holds the nation in a pat position. They made a dysfunctional state for all but their puppets. Well, it can be rightly said that Bosnia is only theirs and is not a ‘nobody’s country’ anymore.

Wrote: A.M.


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