China’s Modern Middle East Strategy: Strengthening Partnerships with Iran and Syria

The Middle East strategy of China is gradually progressing. Recently, an official agreement between the governments of Iran and China

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IAEA team in Japan to review plan to dump nuclear waste into the sea

IAEA says it wants to help Tokyo execute the plan that has drawn criticism from several countries A team of

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Why the US Is Raising Pressure on China Over Treatment of Tibetans, Uyghurs

Human rights advocates are welcoming what they see as increased U.S. attention to Chinese behavior in its volatile Tibet and

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China’s Xi reportedly backs Putin in Russia’s bid for security guarantees from the West

BEIJING — Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin held their second dedicated video call of the year

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Singaporeans explain what it’s like working for a Chinese tech company

While interviewing for a job at Chinese tech giant Tencent, a now-former employee asked if he would be expected to

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Britain’s Sandhurst Superseded by Chinese Military Academies, Warns Report

Since the 1950s, the British army’s prestigious Sandhurst has often been the first choice for developing countries to send their

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