Zlatko Dizdarevic: America has a plan, Dodik is a “little mouse” for them! Bakir and Dragan are falling too!

The coronavirus is the production of fear! This is nothing new, this is now raining through the Coronavirus!

The mistake is that the authorities have left people quarantined where they can think! Kissinger, Gates, Rothschild, conspiracy theories … well, they publicly speak out for what they accuse them of conspiracy! Interest, abduction, the new system is the legalization of that abduction!

Only now do we know about the conspiracy to attack the Gemini in New York and the Court has banned the release of 9/11 documents! Cartels decide, corporate interests decide, not politics! The goal is to take over everything in the world!

The goal is to reduce the population in the world, sterilization, the elderly are useless, just a devour! Americans are preparing a serious intervention in BiH! Trump needs a bullet-free victory ahead of the election, like: I didn’t make Dayton, but I’m saving him!

They will not help us for our own sake! This has been going on for 40 years, I know thanks to the situations I have been in, to the people I have met. It was developing in the eyes of all of us, but we couldn’t see, because it was a brainwashing, in a way we were not aware of.

A complete incompetence that won the system with us. The project was how to smart. We have rounded up the debilitation of the system, it is a project of the oligarchy that won in the last war, where we were attacked.

After the war, control was abducted, the state was not constituted as it should have been, because there were other people in the system who were known to be out of place. The state is not a problem, the BiH drama is destroyed in society. We used to be able to talk about a common interest. It is no longer the sense of humiliation to humiliate, but to destroy another.

People get chosen because they look at what a broken system is, because if you’re not mine, ours, you’re a dead man. The process is complete, leading to the decision not by policy, but by the interests of the cartel, the corporation. The goal is to take complete control of everyone in the world. Yugoslavia did not fall apart by accident, it was a buffer zone in the Cold War, unnecessary and dangerous. Fear production is a key element in this process.

This is nothing new, this is happening through the Crown now. The first existential reflex of those who do not know is to take down those who do! We have the beginnings of shaking, on our small scale. It is a “mistake” for them to leave people in quarantine to think. And there will be a stir, regardless of the money that has arrived and which will come.

Politicians must remain in power, because if they fall, they know where they are going to prison. Foreigners will not demolish the state. They know what the law is, institutionalization, it takes them two to three years to figure out where they came from. It’s a fantasy for them not to shoot. Americans are preparing for one serious intervention in BiH, a political change.

They need it, the election is coming to Trump. BiH is an American project that has failed. He needs a diplomatic victory. They believe they have a replacement for Dodik. There is an estimate that an alternative could be found in the RS that will accept the path to NATO and BiH as a single state. If Dodik falls, dominoes happen; Covic and Izetbegovic also fall.

It is sad to believe that someone will help us because of us. We don’t matter to anyone. Any foreign solution to BiH carries the likelihood that it will not be valid for us. In these 30 years we have brought ourselves to a great zero.

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