Dr. Tanovic: War Deserters, Dr Seka, Run Health Care! For KCUS Money, and General Patients?

It is a foolish decision to make General Hospital a Regulatory Center for the Crown!

People are going to die in the corridors of our hospital! The drama has begun!

General Hospital has no capacity! They will send patients to us and keep the money, where the 10 million they received will they transfer to the General Hospital ?!

There is no systematization, no agreement, the authorities order, and that authority is ordered by Sebi. We know where the wind is blowing from! That system drives us into despair! Doctors will do their part, we will do our best to take care of patients, but if this continues, people will die in the hallways !. General Hospital is smaller than KCUS in all; staff, premises, equipment. It takes a lot more people, equipment and another building to be built.

KCUS, by capacity, technique, humanity, must be a leader in the care of patients in the FBiH, and we are here to help. Things are breaking over your knees! Under this system of work, people will die! Mesihovic refers to a member ?!

When she said, bunny said. Director said! What did not come and explain to the one who ordered it? What is the rationale for all this? Doctors cannot go to help, there is no legal basis. They will transfer patients to us and keep the money to themselves. KCUS is a time bomb! They lose control of this, so they switch to us! This health care system is run by people who are deserters of war. Where were Sebija, Mesihovic, Cirkez in the war?

They didn’t do their job! Where are the parliamentarians? People will not die because of the Crown, but the system! The system, like a fish, stinks from the head, and the head needs to be dealt with. Doctors at KCUS were ordered to do so, the car broke down on them. They did not provide them with basic work.

KCUS colleagues are ready and know how to do their job, but they are advised not to do it the way they should! Awkwardly walk the patients, send them to the General Hospital for examination, then to KCUS, so check again! Patients should be taken immediately to KCUS, where they have at least some chance of life. At least doctors wonder. We need to get into crisis headquarters.

The authority rejects the profession. System nasty, bad. Radoncic cannot be called a professor of cybernetics and physics, talking about medicine, especially to say that he has read more books on medicine than some doctors! What is he, an epidemiologist, a pathologist? The system doesn’t work because everyone is doing someone else’s job! Everyone knows everything, and when a crisis comes, these problems arise. Radoncic must know that the death of a pathologist is confirmed in the world, he cannot say that pathologists do not die of the virus. The man is dead about the system, not about the Corona.

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