Wonderful Scene: This year’s biggest super moon shone in the sky

Super Moon – Orion Astronomical Society


Tonight is BiH Month’s biggest around 8pm, it was nice to see this unusual phenomenon, which can be seen until dawn. We see the super moon when our natural satellite is closest to Earth, and at the same time it is full and therefore looks much larger than usual.

Scientists explain that the Moon’s trajectory around the Earth is elliptical, meaning that the Moon periodically approaches and moves away from Earth. The farthest point of this ellipse is called Apogee and is 405,500 kilometers away. The closest point is perigee and averages about 363,300 kilometers. When the full moon appears in the perigee, it is a little brighter and bigger than the ordinary full moon, and so we have the super moon.

The super-moon has no supernatural effect on Earth and humans (nor does the ordinary moon, after all). The only thing that can be a little higher is the otherwise high periguean tides, which is no reason to be alarmed unless there is a very strong storm or cyclone nearby, in which case the storm is already a bigger problem than the moon. The mouth and fry each month cause the highest tides and low tides; the fact that the moon is in perigee only slightly increases their range.


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