Quantum medicine, The cure for the 21st century

Quantum medicine is a type of medicine which uses scientific findings in physics – in particular quantum physics – which are then used for diagnosis and therapy.

At the end of the 19th century, Max Planck discovered the Planck constant (named after him), a photon of light, currently the smallest identifiable unit of energy. The old laws of Isaac Newton of absolute space and time were relativised by Albert Einstein at the start of the 20th century, and they were subsequently overruled by other physicists (J. Barbour 1999). In 1925, the belief in solid matter was shocked by the Schrödinger equation. Carlo Rubbia (shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1984) said in 1984 that “matter is one billionth part of reality”.

In 1990, Davis discovered the spinning of electrons and therefore their ability to bond changes with our thoughts, and he coined the phrase that “nature is a slave of our imagination”. This means that a human being can influence nature through the power of their mind.

Incorrect information causes disease through an order disturbance. Health consists of optimum order through correct information.

Therefore, therapy has to re-establish order through change of information at the right place, and at the right time.

At Princeton University, US, experiments were performed with a thought-reading device, by using a diode. They recorded students’ thoughts consisting of “+” and “-“ via a computer. Even though there was no direct connection to the computer, significant differences were observed for “+” and “-“ thoughts.

As part of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), this was also measured through the worldwide networking of 127 probes during global events.

In Quantum Physics, it was determined that in the double slit experiment photons pass through 2 slits at the same time. When the photons are twin photons, they seem to “know” of the other photon’s existence and always behave the same way, regardless whether there is time to exchange information or not. During quantum healing, this knowledge about the entanglement of 2 points is used. Dr Kinslow uses this in his “Quantum Entrainment“ 2-point method, and Dr Bartlett uses it as part of Matrix Energetics. Quantum Physicist Michael König describes the 1- and 0 – point method. There are more and more therapists now who use quantum healing methods.

In our clinic, we use bio-energetic or psycho-energetic treatments, such as bio feedback treatment (e.g. Kinesiology). These treatments provide targeted questioning and testing of subconscious reactions, through which we quickly receive information about important and often still unknown emotional conflicts. In Quantum Medicine we use different testing methods and can then resolve these conflicts. Using colour diagnosis (Lüscher colour test) we can help the patient to become aware of subconscious issues and enable the brain to re-organise its neuron network.

We can also achieve this with technical devices in diagnostics and therapy, for example Quantec, Time Waver or Ingenium. The applied findings of quantum physics and neurobiology can support the patient directly or indirectly.

Source: https://noosphere.princeton.edu/index.html / Balkantimes.press

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