Sarovic: Dodik was threatened and said: you are trading dangerous substances that are a danger to the world! – VIDEO

Shock in the FACE studio! Mirko Sarovic Reveals Super State Secret, Big, World Affair!

Two couriers came to Dodik, one foreigner and the other domestic, threatening him: one company in the RS is engaged in a dangerous business, trading one dangerous substance to create one controlled weapon, they were caught in action!

What is that substance ?! Uranium, chemical, biological weapons? This substance is forbidden and can be used to make weapons that are a global threat! They violated sanctions against one country! Dodik was therefore obedient because they threatened him!

They don’t change it, Rome needs this kind of indulgence! He’s naturally scary, gives up in half, doesn’t finish things, and covers himself! Don’t believe him, he’s a liar! Yes, I, the SDS, are the initiators and scriptwriters for the dismissal of CEC members in Parliament! This was a covert operation! Shock, earthquake, incredible shock for Dodik! We worked out every detail, we also had a spare option! We talked to Izetebgovic, Kojovic, Niksic, they knew everything! We are preparing even bigger surprises! This is the new parliamentary majority for revenge and good things! This is revenge on Dodik are foreigners, Americans behind this plan? The Americans may have heard something … Will you break down the Council of Ministers with Dodik and form a new one with Izetbegovic? We are looking for partners to form a new Council, after 100 days they need to think about a shift, their clock is ticking, they are counting down, they have 15 days left! the home of the people is an obstacle, but the mother has a solution for that too! will you change the delegates in the House of Peoples ?! Yes. Dodik signed the ANP because he wanted the Council of Ministers thinking that he and Covic would control state institutions and money! BH will be on its knees in a few months because of the crown! Micic and Bjelica are SDS problems, Dodik is buying people, he has huge money … they are at the exit door.

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