Montenegro SD to international partners: Voice your opinion on Krivokapić’s statements about convicted terrorist Kavaja

Social Democrats of Montenegro, SD, sent a letter yesterday to the EU Delegation in Podgorica, the U.S. Embassy and the U.K. Embassy to Montenegro, asking them to take a position on the statement of Montenegro’s candidate for Prime Minister, Zdravko Krivokapić, following the release of video footage welcoming the convicted terrorist, Nikola Kavaja.

According to Pobjeda daily, Social Democrats noted in a letter that the domestic and international public must voice their opinion on the footage and statements of Mr. Krivokapić as if they fail to do so, the future government is literally absolved from any responsibility.

“Our aim is not to obstruct the future government, but to call on the responsibility they have been continuously mentioning. The release of video welcoming Kavaja caused outrage because it showed, inter alia, that a proposed candidate for prime minister of a new parliamentary majority, Zdravko Krivokapić, attended the event,” it was said in a letter.

The letter suggested that Mr. Krivokapić didn’t fully reject the messages of the video and indirectly approved of the actions of Mr. Kavaja.

“A good start of the new government would be a clear departure from such policies and messages from that horrible video. However, not only did Mr. Krivokapić fail to clearly distance himself and condemn the darkest statements of fascism and ultra-nationalism, but he carelessly told the public that Kavaja, being a convicted terrorist and a symbol of a frightening policy and ideology, is in fact a symbol of resistance to a dictator.”

And the story doesn’t end here, according to Social Democrats.

“Mr. Krivokapić even asked what kind of a terrorist he [Kavaja] is and whether he murdered someone. He asked this for a man who seized control of a U.S. plane and a man who planned to assassinate Josip Broz Tito,” the letter pointed out.

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“We expect the long-term international partners of our civic Montenegro to voice their opinion on this matter,” it was concluded.

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