Đukanović: We will defend Montenegro by any means necessary

Should Montenegro be exposed to attacks, we will defend it by any means necessary, just like previous generations, said Montenegro’s president, Mr. Milo Đukanović, in the interview with Face TV. Mr. Đukanović said that the Serbian Orthodox Church will not build a temple in Cetinje. He said he “believes there are political Montenegrins in the new parliamentary majority”, and added that the new government “will be formed very soon. He said he would not resign.

“What do you think, how did Montenegro defend itself throughout ten centuries of its statehood? It was not defended in the Parliament; it was defended by weapons, in the woods. Therefore, if somebody thinks they can take the roof over our head, we will do the same that you would do if someone came to tear down the roof over your head, against your will; that’s logical”, he said.

Đukanović: Great Serbian national project has been revived

Commenting on the announcement of Metropolitan Amfilohije that SOC will build a temple in Cetinje, Mr. Đukanović said “it can’t happen”.

“It might be his intention, but in Cetinje, that just won’t happen. If he tries, if he lays a stone, that stone will be destroyed, and he knows that. So, he won’t start anything”, Mr. Đukanović pointed out.

A journalist stated that he couldn’t stop him because he “has no power anymore”. Mr. Đukanović said that those who should stop him will do that.

“Residents of Cetinje told him that. That story doesn’t end there. We shall not be afraid of something that can’t happen. Can something else happen, as you indicated when you asked if I believed in their political statements that are opposed to their political rhetoric? Do I have doubts? Of course, I do. Why would I be so naïve to place more trust in some trilateral agreement than in what I have been watching and listening to over the past 30 years? But that assumption does not have to be the reason not to give someone a chance to change rhetoric and political actions and become responsible for Montenegro”, he pointed out.

Suljagić to Abazović: I haven’t found any document indicating Đukanović’s involvement in the SREBRENICA GENOCIDE

A journalist said to Mr. Đukanović: “Your first sentence after the elections was: It was terrible, terrible, that’s why I came…Montenegro is compensation for Kosovo”.

Mr. Milo Đukanović

Montenegro’s president reminded them that it was the answer to

the ORF journalist.

“He asked me about the role of Russia in the region. I said that Russia conducts its anti-European policy against Europe and the Balkan region has always been fertile ground for that sort of activity. That anti-European policy is the wind at the back of nationalism of all colors in the WB. Great Serbian nationalism is being fed by that policy. That great Serbian nationalism is craving to satisfy its desire to swallow Montenegro and prove that Montenegro is not a multi-ethnic society, that Montenegro is not a state with history and tradition, but rather a natural part of the Serbian space while Montenegrins are Serbian Spartans”, he explained.

According to Mr. Đukanović, although a small country, Montenegro has been playing the role of the lighthouse in the European path for the Western and Balkan regions.

Montenegro needs own church to repel Serb nationalism: president

Journalist asked him if instability in the region would mean war. Mr. Đukanović replied affirmatively.

“Of course, and you know that and I know that. Conflicts are constant here and always turn into religious and ethical conflicts. At the beginning of the 1990s, it did not look serious but they know what it transformed into. It is impossible to localize the conflict in such a diverse Balkan region. Therefore, I think this is the final warning”, Mr. Đukanović thinks.

He says the EU is responsible for the stability and prosperity of Europe.

“This is the European region. If you don’t take care of your house, and you left one room burning, exposing it to different foreign interests, you will get the final invoice for that… That must be prevented”, Mr. Đukanović says.

Kosovo – the most expensive Serbian word

Mr. Đukanović said that Serbia had been pursuing the wrong Kosovo policy.

“They should take a look at archives of their intelligence services and see that there was a clear plan for new ethical engineering. According to that plan, Albanians will be driven out and traces of their life in Kosovo will be destroyed by destroying all records, including their health records. When this plan became means of a wider international community, and when NATO found it appropriate to react, then a great political thinker suddenly appears and says that Kosovo is the most expensive Serbian word. And that becomes the guiding idea of the state policy. That’s a tragedy because this poet, Matija Bećković, will continue to hang out in coffee shops in Belgrade but people will become hostages to this political nonsense and will sink deeper into defeat and suffering”, Montenegro’s first man said.

Anti-fascist state

Mr. Đukanović holds that Montenegro is an anti-fascist state.

“Therefore, we really feel the need to defend some state values. To defend it from all these attempts to subvert us again, as the Serbian Orthodox Church does, to plant Draža Mihajlović as a leader, as Amfilohije qualifies him, the leader of the Serbian people and a man who made his sacrifice in the interests of the Serbian people. When you have that kind of aggression aimed at changing Montenegro’s identity, then you have no other choice than to call a spade a spade”, he pointed out.

I think Montenegro can be a civil state. Montenegro must be multi-ethnic democracy too. Either that or nothing. Montenegro can survive outside the   European value system provided that it maintains this level of development. Today Montenegro is the most developed economy in the WB with an average salary of €520. The average salary in the European Union amounts to around €2.000. So why are we at ¼ of the average European salary? Because we have been experimenting, trying to not to observe the rules of the continent we belong to. That’s why I said this is maybe even the last attempt to bring the Balkans back to European home.

Mr. Milo Đukanović

The transition of the government

Asked if he believes that there are political Montenegrins in the opposing block, Mr. Đukanović said: I do. We’ll see.

“I might be a little bit indiscreet now and you might as well understand better reasons for my optimism. Generally, I am an optimist. We will support any political force in MNE that decides to pursue the path we forged”, he said.

He assumes that influences in the current governing majority will be unbearable, although they know think they can handle everything because they are guided by hatred towards DPS.

“One common denominator is enough to form the government. Excellent. Let’s go to the transition of the government. Montenegro will soon have a new government and once it starts functioning, temptations will emerge”, Mr. Đukanović said.

SOC will continue to be proprietary about Montenegro

“We have opened the question of SOC in Montenegro. And that question will be closed. In three years, in five years, in seven years, but it will eventually be closed. Someone might withdraw the law now, but they can’t erase the memory we created and corroborated with facts. But there’s something more important than that. Do you think that SOC, as percussion song of the Great Serbian nationalism will be satisfied with the withdrawal of the law only?”, Mr. Đukanović pointed out.

Mr. Đukanović added that SOC would continue to be quite proprietary about Montenegro and treat is as a theocratic state.

I will not resign

Mr. Đukanović said he would not resign as president of Montenegro.

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