Montenegro- Mugosa to Metropolitan: I do not know in what language to say that gathering is an unacceptable risk

In Montenegro, 46 ​​citizens have recovered from coronaviruses, which is an impressive piece of information, Director of the Clinical Center Jevto Erakovic said at a press conference by the National Infectious Disease Coordination Body.

The Clinical Center has hospitalized 16 patients, two of whom are on respirators and are in stable condition, Erakovic said.

“The numbers indicate that we are doing well, but we must be careful at all times,” he said.

Coronavirus positive patient operated

A team of doctors at the Clinical Center performed surgery on a patient who was coronavirus-positive, so-called. tracheotomy.

What is the second operation of this type in the world, Erakovic added.

Four KCCG workers tested positive for Kovid-19, and 21 healthcare workers were infected in the complete health system, he said.

Mugosa to Metropolitan: I do not know in what language to say that the gathering is an unacceptable risk

Antenna M was interested in what the medical stand was about the announced request of the Metropolitan for approval of the marking of Easter. We were also interested in whether there were any contacts with representatives of the Metropolitan on this occasion and whether they specified the model by which they would mark the Easter.

Boban Mugoša answered our question that any gathering, no matter what the type, raises epidemiological risk.

“Any invitation to a religious gathering is a big risk,” Mugosa added.

“We reiterate that we must not allow any violation of orders, and that is above all,” Mugosha emphasized, and then sent a clear message to the Metropolitan:

“I don’t know what language to say that gathering is an unacceptable risk”!

“The risk of believers being jeopardized is too great and I do not know how we can talk about it today,” said the director of the PHI and said that they had talked to representatives of the MCP SPC and were given instructions.

“I can see from some of today’s statements that this has remained unclear,” Mugosa said.

Mugosha reminded that Patriarch Moskowski had also ordered all believers to stay home.

“That is what the pope did, if that is the case for them, what we need to do for the clergy of the MCP to realize that any invitation to gather and come to religious sites is a very big risk,” Mugosa added.

“We insist that believers celebrate Easter at home”

“We do not agree with the fact that Easter is celebrated differently at home,” Mugosha said, adding that:

“We insist that believers celebrate Easter at home and demand that the priesthood invite them to stay home and celebrate the holiday,” Mugosha said.

“11 infected children in Montenegro up to 10 years old”

Asked if there were any journalists among the patients, Erakovic said he did not.

According to Mugosa, 189 people are treated at home.

He also said that there are 11 infected children in Montenegro, up to ten years old.

Mugoša also said that not only contacts are tested, but everyone who reports certain respiratory symptoms, patients going to surgery, health care professionals …

“We will strive for more,” Mugosha concluded.

Source Antenaam

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