Ministers in the Government of KS propose members of conflicting interests to company assemblies

SARAJEVO, (Patria) – After the KS government, on the proposal of the line ministers, appointed members of the Assemblies of individual companies in the last twenty days, the directors of those companies addressed objections to the appointment of some members over conflicts of interest.

Thus, at the proposal of the Ministry of Communal Economy and Infrastructure, or Minister Nihada Glamoc (SDA), consent was given for the proxies of the KJKP Water and Sewer Assembly to Azra Muzur (former director of the company and active employee), Azra Softic and Mirsada Causevic.

The Director of Water Supply and Sewerage Enver Hadziahmetovic sent a letter to the KS Government, the line ministry, the KS Assembly, the Anti-Corruption Office, the Supervisory Board informing them that there was a conflict of interest during the appointment of Muzur.

“We point out that the appointment of Azra Muzur as a proxy violated the Decision on Exercise of Authorization in Companies with State Capital Participation under the Responsibility of Sarajevo Canton (‘Official Gazette of Sarajevo Canton’, No. 31/19). We also point out that there is a conflict of interest in accordance with the Law on Public Enterprises in FBiH. This law stipulates that an “affiliated person” is every employee of a public company, “said Hadziahmetovic.

He notes that Muzur should also consider the KJKP ViK Business Report for 2019, referring to the period when she was director of the company until June 13, 2019.

Hadziahmetovic further alleges that Muzur was reported for irregularities and malpractice due to the millions of damage caused to the company when it comes to water drainage because it failed to take the necessary activities for the purpose of collection, and other irregularities that were reported to the competent authorities.

Following the appointment of the KJKP Assembly’s Rad Selim Babic (former director of the company), at the proposal of Minister Glamoc, Dzenana Ramic and Seid Fazlic, Director Vera Arnautovic, sent a letter to the KS Government, the line ministry, the KS Assembly, the Anti-Corruption Office, the Supervisory Board in informing them of a conflict of interest.

Babic is an employee of the company and, according to the Law on Public Enterprises in the FBiH, he is also a “related party and must avoid real or obvious conflicts of interest with public companies in personal or professional relations.

On May 27, 2019, Babic was dismissed from his job as KJKP Rad, and no Work Report for 2018 while he was director. If Babic were to remain the proxy of the KSF Government, he would have to review and adopt the 2019 Business Report, which also covers the period of his term of office.

Director Arnautovic warns of irregularities in Director Babic’s term of office.

“Inadequate invoicing for garbage collection and other services to privileged companies and individuals, inadequate collection of garbage collection and other services of companies, especially in relation to privileged legal and natural persons, impact on the liquidity of the company by purchasing four vehicles in 2019 which were to be paid in 2020, ”the letter said.

At the proposal of the Minister of Administration and Justice Merse Kustura (SDA), the KS Government has appointed proxies in the Assembly of the Public Company “Television of Sarajevo Canton”, namely Sunčica Šehić (editor at TVSA), Mirza Memišević and Dejan Radović.

Director of JP “TVSA” Duška Jurisic sent a letter to several addresses, drawing attention to the possible conflict of interest of two members of the Assembly.

She states that Memisevic is a councilor in the Municipal Council of Novi Grad and that according to the Law on Conflict of Interests in FBiH Authorities, membership in the board of directors, supervisory board, assembly, administration, management or in the capacity of an authorized person in a public company is incompatible with the public functions of the elected officials, executive officeholders or advisers.

Regarding the appointment of Suncica Sehic, Jurisic states that Sehic is an employee of KS Television in the position of editor.

“The fact that Sunčica Šehić is an employee / editor of Television Sarajevo indicates that she has a private interest which casts doubt on her objectivity and impartiality in performing the function of a member of the Assembly of the same television station.”

In addition to the Law on Public Enterprises, Jurisic also refers to the Rulebook on the operation of Television Sarajevo, which stipulates that “the rights and obligations of employees under a work contract shall be decided by the director”.

“In accordance with the Articles of Association, the Assembly, of which Suncica Sehic is a member, may recall a member of the Management Board, a director, who may terminate his employment contract in accordance with the statutory powers. It is undeniable that Sunčica Šehić has a conflict of interest because her personal or professional interest prevents her from simultaneously fulfilling her obligations and responsibilities arising from both functions, ”Jurišić said.

It is evident that in these cases there will be work for the Anti-Corruption Office as well as for the KSF Government if it wants to comply with the legislation.

Patria / Balkantimes.press

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