Mijatovic wrote to IMF, EU Delegation and Embassies: Tribes do not live here, we have institutions

SARAJEVO – Vojin Mijatovic sent an open letter Saturday night to the International Financial Fund in BiH, the EU Delegation to BiH, and ambassadors to all countries in BiH.

We convey the letter in its entirety:

“Dear Sirs,

Your Excellencies,

Dear friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the outset, I would like to thank all of you who, during these difficult and challenging times, have helped the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in addition to the fact that your countries are also facing major problems caused by the coronary pandemic.

The whole world faces great struggles and problems, and I am convinced that the interest of all Governments is to preserve health and human lives. As all assessments go in the direction that life, economy and political relations will no longer be the same after the end of this pandemic, and that we will have to find new alternatives for both life and economy, I was encouraged to write this letter to you in this atmosphere .

The International Monetary Fund is a strategic partner to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and previous arrangements have in many ways significantly influenced us to move forward in reforming both our economy and society as a whole.

The international community as a whole has greatly assisted the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina over the past 3 decades, and I have never found it appropriate to doubt the intentions that it is the desire of all of you for my country to be a society of the rule of law, equality, freedom, a society of development, a strong economy , a society that will become capable of contributing to the modern world.

However, today’s famous, who knows which meeting in a row, behind closed doors, and related to the new arrangement with the IMF, offered me to give myself the right to write this letter and ask you some questions.

I am convinced that you will understand my intentions in the right way, because as you love your countries of origin and which you represent, I adore and live for your homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina, and today what you have done to the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens, and this is not the first time, at least not correct.

The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina has its own constitution, its institutions and its representatives, so when it comes to international agreements, and the credit arrangement with the IMF in essence is that. We are no different from your countries of origin, which are also parliamentary democracies and have their own institutions.

Today, you know, who for the time being met with the presidents of 3 political parties in BiH and behind closed doors agreed on a loan, the distribution of the same, and at the same meeting there were no prime ministers or ministers of finance, and you know that we have them in BiH 3 at least at the levels that are relevant when talking about this type of international agreement.

It would be the same for you when our BiH Presidency Chairman paid an official visit to, say, the Republic of France and, instead of Mr. Macron, met with Ms. Lepen and negotiated with her about a bilateral agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of France.

I deeply believe that when you negotiate and enter into credit agreements in a South American country, you are not negotiating with the heads of the drug cartel, but with representatives of the governments of those countries.

Some of you and your predecessors even had an ugly practice, so these closed-door meetings were held in cafes, come on and this is some progress, at least it was held in the office, is the reason for the corona or we still have progress in this we will see.

Once again, I must say that I am sure that you will understand the true intent of this letter because once again I tell you, I love my country as much as you do your own, and if you do not understand it properly, then it is up to you.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, although not a member of the EU, is still a European country, and the tribes do not live here but the citizens, so today you did not need a meeting with the chiefs of the tribes you held but a meeting with official institutions. Today you know who has derogated from the BiH institutions for the first time, and for the first time I ask WHY?

Today, you are negotiating a loan arrangement with a man on the US blacklist as well as his family, who, just a week before the virus pandemic, threatened with secession and conflict, a man who has repeatedly said that the European Union has failed the project, yes The US is working against him and the Serbian people, a man who openly threatens war with BiH with the Russian Federation and blocks NATO’s path to BiH.

Today, you are negotiating a loan arrangement with a man closer to Istanbul than Brussels, a man who was deeply involved in all humanitarian misconduct during and after the war, a man who is satisfied that BiH is within the borders of Sarajevo Canton.

Today, you are negotiating a credit arrangement with a man who believes that the legitimate representatives of a people are only those who come from his political party, a man who threatens to tear BiH apart, a man who extols fascism in 2020.

These three men have been doing this for ten years and you are standing behind the crime of these cartel bosses, I ask you for the first time WHY?

These three men represent only 1/3 of the electorate in BiH, you will calculate that I am right, so they do not have political legitimacy. If it weren’t for political corruption and paid satellites, they wouldn’t even have a majority in the parliament, even if they have nothing in it.

I could write by tomorrow and probably not write anything you don’t know. So I hereby ask you to make this crisis a turning point. Change your approach to BiH, help us implement all that you claim to be right, the rule of law, respect for institutions, strengthening the state and system, strengthening freedoms …..

We, the vast majority of citizens in BiH want this, but we cannot achieve it as long as your interview partners are the heads of the cartels, not the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I wish you and your countries all the best, I respect you and your countries immeasurably, I love my homeland from the heart and therefore, as a common man, I urge you to begin to respect the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina as this will best help its citizens.

With respect,

Vojin Mijatović,

one spring in the coronavirus era

in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina “.

Patria / Balkantimes.press

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