Mijatovic: If Seka sold her expensive bags, we would have respirators! I would lead protests of the people on the street! Video!

When Dodik runs out of ideas, run to his crazy Vucic! What did he get from Russia and Serbia?
He got two Russian “tamians” and ten drunken Russians! They sprayed some RS chemistry! They got half a truck from Serbia! Why are the doctors silent, why don’t they say that Seka is the master of life and death in Sarajevo?

Let them call me Chetnik and Balia, I will not remain silent: I am for a radical approach, I would take the people against the dictator on the street, they will not peacefully go out of power! There will be no elections only if they are preparing for the “mostarization” of BiH!

Three of them have three private states! Dodik copies, bad, Orbana, he makes the decisions himself, he decides everything!

Listen, 35 million marks for the garage and waiting for Russian “tamic” to spray their streets! US Ambassador praises tribal chiefs and heads of political cartels for privately agreeing how to share IMF credit !!! Where are the state institutions! Why is America behind these cartel bosses?

Covic is like a hedgehog; Plenkovic and Milanovic will come to Covic’s nose! Beware: OHR, which is supposed to protect our country, asks that state to protect OHR from Dodik and then Komsic defends them from Dodik ?! Radoncic and Komsic agree to be SDA pendants, not wondering about anything!

Fahro surprised me, he’s like a split personality! It’s easy for him to harass Dzaferovic! Procurement, robbery, theft! Governments will not give workers anything from the budget, they procrastinate, you will see – we will not have bread, there is a famine! That Vulin? It was not the Serb (I) who attacked the Serb, but the man attacked the idiot Vulin! He will defend the RS and did not serve the army ?! The government has had a social distance from the people for 25 years!

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