Dr. Drljevic, the best organizer at Corona Hospital: Forget about handling, hugging, kissing Video!

A doctor who “survived” as many as 44 epidemics
We are tenants, bacteria and viruses rule this world, there are three pounds of bacteria in each person! Federation bans have been abolished wrong! This is terrible, it can ruin all our fights this month! That decision was not made by the profession!

I think there are two or three coronaviruses, type A and type B, I don’t know if they mutated or … I think Korona is from nature, what I know for sure is that Antrax is an artificial, intelligence virus.

We will never win viruses! Wear masks, gloves do not have to. Disinfection does not kill viruses, just reduce their number! There are over 2,000 zoonoses, animal viruses, we deal with 100 of them!

With us in Zenica it is simple: whoever is infected must go to the hospital! There is no home isolation, we have all the patients under control, by eye, they are separated from other patients, they are in special facilities and they are separated more easily from more severe cases! China, America and Italy have suffered because they literally have no primary protection! They have an ambulance and a hospital right. So they filled the hospitals with the sick who infected the rest!

Has anyone asked you for advice from Sarajevo? It’s not. The problem with Sarajevo is that there is no coordination between hospitals and health centers and it is more difficult to reach homes. In BiH, the profession is not respected, in Zenica the profession was in crisis and not politics! Why, despite radical measures, is there still the highest number of sick and dead in Serbia? Because they’re too late. Prohibition measures in the Federation abolished wrongly!

I’m a vaccine fan! Herd immunity is a guarantee for the future, 70% of people are proven to be infected and we do not need a vaccine! No more cash, forget, cards are the future of payment! Infectologists only exist in the Balkans and Sweden!

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