Dr. Zehra Dizdarevic: Sebija is at the top of the vertical, and that top did not fit well! Video!

She’s ripped off all the expert staff! They are all scattered throughout the white world!

70 percent of the population must be infected to receive this herd immunity, herds! Primary health care (Health Centers) is shoddy, not because they want to, but that they must not oppose it, in fear of dismissal. We didn’t get the virus right!

It is worth examining why 101 doctors are on sick leave. We are in a hyperbolized state.

I will help everyone, but I tell him to go to the system anyway. Dr. Pasagic called me on the third day; I told him I was not competent, my finding would not drink water. After three days he called me again. I was not afraid, but they would say that I disrupted the system. On the ninth day, I told him to call Cherkez and Pilav. And then I found out in the media that he had died. Sorry about that. There is no doctor on the globe who says he will not treat the patient, and this has happened to us. You are a doctor and you have your oath, and there you have sworn to treat every patient. Podhrastovi Clinic consists of two parts. That one part was a WHO project, I did it with my team of rules, I even cleaned the premises, and it was made for tuberculosis that doesn’t have the medicines they have. What about that department now? We also have microbiology. The question is where are the lung disease patients going now, scattered around the clinical center. We have a strategy, long ago we made a strategy for this situation, where is that document ?! Was he swallowed by the Coronavirus or the system ?! Where’s the infectious clinic? The yawning beds were empty, and all the cargo was transferred to General Hospital, which assumed too much responsibility. It is this system that needs to be changed. We made a total blockade of the state. We needed to get involved in the strategy, the national program. We abuse the bat-crocodile, dog, cat, all of which can be carriers of the virus. The virus is pathogenic, has no metabolism, cannot live on its own, and the third is an infectious disease. It is important for him to find the receptor at the station and then it sticks, so it multiplies. In order to break the chain of expansion, testing comes first. We have 320,000 tests. We do not know if our apparatus meets these tests. The main vaccine is collective immunity. 70% must be infected to create passive immunity. Seasonal influenza is a waste of money. This vaccine also needs to be tested, which will only come in 15 to 18 months. Do not take medication, everything should be consumed moderately, drink plenty of fluids, do not panic to patients, and cause psychological collapse.

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