Dr. Alexandra Djuran, pathologist: Radoncic did not give us licenses! Sebija didn’t come alone! Video!

We cannot have an autopsy because we do not have the conditions to do so!

We will not do an autopsy, no one can make me do it! You need four men to have an autopsy, to take a risk you don’t have the conditions for

All infectious autopsies were performed in separate rooms, with special equipment, special electric saws, they must have a vacuum. That special room is sound and has a camera.

Instead of having 150 ministers change their limousines every four years, let them equip the abduction rooms, then we will do an autopsy. The infection can be proven without autopsy by CT. An autopsy often cannot show the true cause of death. One person infects 6 people, many times higher mortality, 2.3%. The system cannot handle that 1000 people need intensive care. The virus is released a bit, let’s slowly get infected and not all of us suddenly get sick, head to the hospitals and crash the health system! It can last up to 12 days in the outdoor environment. If he lives on the outside, how can he not live on a corpse ?! The virus cannot live on its own, when it crosses a human, enters a cell, attaches itself to DNA or RNA. It is possible to change DNA, there are viral mutations. We do not know what the consequences of this virus will be. It can activate diseases, tumors. It is the fault of politics. It was not Sebija who came to this post alone, politics put her there. She’s not interested in me. Radoncic did not give us licenses, he will not even revoke them! Nothing works in this state, and all the chase is on doctors. Politics has been driving people crazy about corrupt doctors for 30 years, and they have stolen millions before their eyes. I do about 2000 biopsies a year and am responsible for those findings. Find me judges who solved 2000 cases or politicians who asked 2000 questions!

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