Đenan Salčin: on March 16, they are looking for urgent purchases, KCUS orders respirators on March 18, they pay and on March 25, they terminate the contract

Were you afraid of Dr. Sebija? No, I’m not afraid of anyone, maybe they’re afraid of me!

In just one day, KCUS announced an urgent procedure with one company, made a decision on the same day and accepted the decision of that company, paid about 3 million in advance for 30-40 respirators, that company could not fulfill the contract and they terminated it.

Suddenly KCUS doesn’t need respirators when the Respirator affair breaks out ?! We asked for a report from KCUS, they didn’t submit it, they have to submit it, it’s not the same respirator specification that KCUS requested and those procured by Silver Raspberry!

It is suspicious to me that two contracts with different specifications have appeared – one type of respirator in the contract and the other purchased!

I am not a victim, I and my Agency are clean! Why did someone make the decision to buy respirators and say they didn’t need them? We did not file criminal charges against the Civil Protection and the Silver Raspberry, we only received their documentation yesterday

At the Government session, I did not give anyone permission to buy equipment, they are responsible according to the Law, I do not give permits! We are only interpreting the Law. Directors who spend public money wanted to take responsibility away from themselves! In my experience, there is something in the affair.

When the meeting in the Government ended, I was immediately informed that the Government was seeking the suspension of the Public Procurement Act, I warned them that it was a path to anarchy! I repeated that to Radončić and Tegeltija! The process of purchasing equipment (and respirators) is: first you have to have the money and the specification of what you are buying! Well, did they have a specification? We will just see that, two contracts, two different types of respirators, all this is suspicious to me as a man and a citizen of this country…

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