Analysis of official data in the region on the coronavirus epidemic: Croatia and Serbia have content web portals, portals from two BH entities with conflicting data

We analyzed portals in the region reporting the number of coronavirus infected in their countries. The quality and quantity of these content, as well as the speed of updating data on official web portals for individual countries in the region.

Serbia and Croatia have separate portals with domain names, as well as Republika Srpska and FBiH, while Montenegro publishes the data on the page: Institute of Public Health of Montenegro. Information on all pages is usually updated every 24 hours. In addition to Montenegro, all states and entities listed have a specific domain where information on the number of infected, tested, cured and died of Covid 19, a disease caused by coronavirus, is published and updated.

prt sc is the official portal of Montenegro


On the official site of the FBiH Institute of Public Health at the link https://www.zzjzfbih.ba/daily-report-of-confirmed-cases-covid-19-u-fbih/, there is a domain https: // covid- 19.ba/.

On this page, apart from the interactive map and statistics on the number of tested, infected, cured with charts and interactive map, there is no other data, not even data related to the number of infected at the state level of Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the latest data: The total number of tests performed is 5280, of which a total of 543 cases have been confirmed.

prt sc FBiH official site

In another BH entity, RS, at https://koronavirususrpskoj.com/, they regularly update the number of infected persons by city and the number of recovered persons, while there are no reports of deaths. Reporting by city changes from hour to hour and looks like this:

Banja Luka – 244 infected, 70 recovered; Elbowmen – 35 infected, 8 recovered; Bijeljina-11 infected, recovered 3; Gradiska -11 infected, recovered 0; Sipovo -11 infected, recovered 0; Teslic – 9 infected, recovered 1; Kozarska Dubica – 8 infected, 7 recovered; Prnjavor – 7 infected, 2 recovered; Kotor Varoš – 7 infected, recovered 0; Mrkonjic Grad – 7 infected, recovered 0; Rector – 6 infected, recovered 3; Pond – 5 infected, recovered 1; Čelinac – 5 infected, 3 recovered; Prijedor – 4 infected, recovered 0; Eastern Ilidza – 4 infected, recovered 0; Bruise – 3 infected, 2 recovered; Ship – 2 infected, recovered 0; Pale – 2 infected, recovered 0; Doboj – 1 infected, recovered 0; East Sarajevo – 1 infected, recovered 0; Kalinovik – 1 infected, recovered 0; Trebinje – 1 infected, recovered 0; Zvornik -1 infected, recovered 0; Serb – 1 infected, recovered 1; Srebrenica -1 infected, recovered 0; Milks – 1 infected, recovered 0; Derventa 1 infected, recovered 1; Novi Grad – 1 infected, recovered 0; Sekovici – 1 infected, recovered 0;

The aforementioned page shows the total number of infected by entities and the number of infected throughout BiH: Bosnia and Herzegovina: 949 infected, Republika Srpska: 392; FBiH 557;

The page highlights all the contact phones that can be called in case someone is infected with a coronavirus. The site has content related to the latest developments related to activities and measures taken by the authorities to prevent the spread of the virus.


prt sc official portal of the RS


Official data from the pages of the two entities differ: The FBiH page states that the FBiH has 543 infected persons, while on the RS page that number is 557. We did not find an official page at the state level of BiH, where this data would be combined to know the exact number tested and diseased at the state level, since entity data are not consistent.

Information from a web site sponsored by the Ministry of Health of Serbia and the Institute of Public Health of Serbia: https://covid19.rs/ comprehensively reports on the number of people tested, infected, recovered and killed since Covid 19.

prt sc is the official portal of Serbia


The drop down menus page offers many helpful tips on prevention and the disease itself. As soon as you enter the site you can see:

Up-to-date news: A total of 3,380 confirmed COVID cases have been registered in the Republic of Serbia by 3 pm on April 11, 2020.

From the last report until 3pm, a sample of 2,159 people were tested, of which 275 were positive. 2,436 patients were hospitalized. There are a total of 145 patients on the respirator. By 3 pm in the Republic of Serbia, a total of 16,399 persons had been tested who met the criteria of the case definition. In the last 24 hours, 3 persons have died, one male and two female, with an average age of 68.6 years. The total number of deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic is 74. It also performs current type statistics: In the last 24 hours, 5 persons have died, four are male and one is female, with an average age of 60.4 years. The total number of deaths since the beginning of the epidemic is 74. The average number of deaths is 62.9.

The page updates information on the number of patients tested, infected and hospitalized. Information on the total number of currently ill, deceased and average age of deceased, sex of the deceased is also updated, showing the ratio of women to men, out of the total of 74 deceased so far there were 53 men and 21 women.

The official Croatian epidemic portal is located at https://www.koronavirus.hr/, maintained by the Croatian Government’s Official Website for the implementation and accurate information on the coronavirus.

prt sc is the official portal of Croatia


The site has a number of drop-down menus highlighting: Government measures, Coronavirus facts, important phone numbers, tips, up-to-date information on tested, infected, cured and deceased. There are drop-down menus on the page with educational content on coronavirus, healthy eating tips and virus protection measures. Government measures, news of the epidemic. Like the rest of the site, it has an interactive map and regularly updates information regarding the number of infected at the time of the epidemic.

In Montenegro, information on the coronavirus challenge epidemic can be found on the website of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro and closely monitors the development of the epidemiological situation, which is regularly reported to the public at the following link: https://www.ijzcg.me/me/10-april- updated-data-covid-19

For now, the portal contains statistics infected in Montenegro by other countries in the world.



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