ZELENOVIC PROHIBITED the BOOK OF VOJISLAV SESELJ! No promotion of war criminal in Sabac!

Sabac Mayor Nebojsa Zelenovic has banned the promotion of Vojislav Seselj’s book entitled “There was no genocide in Srebrenica”, which was to be held at the Cultural Center.

Remember, Seselj held a book promotion at the Stari Grad Municipality building in Belgrade in early February when activists of the Humanitarian Law Center were attacked because they wanted to share the document “Dossiers: Crimes against Croats in Vojvodina” on Vojislav Seselj’s involvement in the war crimes.

Zelenovic’s decision was commented on by journalist and columnist Dragan Bursac.

Bursac posted a photo of Zelenovic on his Facebook profile, writing:

“This is Sabac Mayor Nebojsa Zelenovic. He has just banned the promotion of Vojisav Seselj’s book at the Sabac Cultural Center.”

He then recalled that book promotions of the war criminal were held in Belgrade.

“See how he can! What he allegedly could not do in Belgrade and New Belgrade can in Sabac! What cannot be thought of in Banja Luka can be realized in Sabac. Stop denying genocide! Stop promoting war criminals! , the message is Bursac.

Sabac Mayor Nebojsa Zelenovic is the president of the opposition Together for Serbia.

Seselj opposed the decision and held a promotion but at one of the Sabac hotels.

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