When BOSS orders: Kulic’s dismissal is not because of a poor response to the epidemic, but because of Friday the 13th.

Sarajevo: The newly appointed director of the Public Health Center of Sarajevo Canton, Muhamed Ahmić, said in his first media address that he would do everything to improve patient care and follow the reorganization of work.

He is either unaware or deceptive of the public. He was not appointed because of his expertise, nor was Mehmed Kulic fired because of his incompetence, but because of the political will of those who were called Friday the 13th.

The party, or what remained behind it – BOSS, or their representative in the KS Assembly, Haris Pleho, was the 18th hand to replace the KSF government, headed by Edin Forto.

Political circles immediately began to talk about the price of Pleha’s hand, and it was known that it was not cheap. They were given an institution that, in addition to the CEO, has many organizational units, where directors are also elected, plus jobs in the KS Health Centers.

Pleho knows all this because it is not his first time. They went through all this with Fuad Husic, the former CEO who was replaced before Kulic arrived! So, borderless games continue, all silently watched by SDA, SBB and DF, coalition partners who together keep BOSS alive. They give them legitimacy and importance, and they determine our destiny!

Thanks to his work in the Health Centers, Pleho has just secured a new mandate in the KS Assembly, but some investigative bodies are taking care of that. Now hypocrisy is on the scene because they don’t care about the algorithm and the patients.

The problem is that Kulic is the proposal of Ibrahim Hadzibajric, the president of the NBL, and it is clear that he would be removed and there would be no corona or pandemic. But without it everything would have gone easier, unnoticed. This is twice as much pain.

All of their political divisions go easier when it comes to human lives. They did not even offer us a biography of Ahmic, except we know that he was in charge of Jagomir Psychiatric Hospital. In the end, they may be right – we all really need a psychiatrist in what kind of madhouse we live in.

How many more khulis, ahmis, husys will come and pass until the citizens realize that they are being played with by those whom we ourselves are giving away in the elections. We round them up and then they fire at us with a burst of fire.

You call, stay in isolation, they will come to you when they have the equipment, some will go through everything, and some will make every mistake double.

By Amina Corbo-Zeco

Source: Patria Agency

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