(VIDEO) Support to Azerbaijan: Objects in Turkey in the colors of the flag of Azerbaijan! The trooper is running after two flags! The chef made baklava with three flags!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that by attacking Azerbaijan, Armenia has once again shown that it poses the greatest threat to peace and stability in the region.

Armenia recalls ambassador from Israel to protest the sale of weapons to Azerbaijan

“Today, as always, the Turkish people are by all available means with their Azerbaijani brothers,” Erdogan said in a message posted on Twitter at the beginning of the conflict. A clash between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces erupted today over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. The conflict continues and armed struggles are taking place.

This example is followed by other citizens of Turkey, there are several posts on Twitter showing support for Azerbaijan, not only by the citizens of Turkey but also by the citizens of Pakistan.

(VIDEO) War on information and social networks! Footage of Azerbaijani soldiers killed and a destroyed bus with Armenian soldiers

Flag of Azerbaijan on Galata Tower in Istanbul


Azerbaijan is not alone. Izmir, Turkey

Photo: social networks

Support in the restaurant made three pans of baklava with three flags of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Pakistan, the chef performs acrobatics!

Pakistan and logistical support, at least in the announcement


Photo: social networks

The trooper carries two flags of Azerbaijan and Turkey in support

Photo: prt sc social network source






NEW! (VIDEO) Azerbaijan starts using Israeli-made LORA missile systems, after Armenia switched to Russian Iskander missiles

Armenia and Azerbaijan blamed each other for cross-border attacks on Tuesday, and the two countries also reject pressure from the international community to hold peace talks as their conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region turns into a real war.

Source: Social networks 


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