“They” want the fear of coronaviruses to destroy small and medium businesses and introduce Technocracy around the world – VIDEO!

David Icke English Conspiracy Theorist: The world is controlled by fear.

Over a quarter of a century, English researcher and author David Icke has been studying the processes that shape our society. He wrote a dozen books in which he gradually discovered deeper connections invisible on the surface, which told him that many events around us were not randomly occurring but part of a long-lasting plan. “The world is controlled by fear”!

It is a matter of many manipulations that shapes one’s beliefs about what the world is, and the origin of one’s beliefs is rarely questioned.

In the video, he says that the world is controlled by a cult that is widespread in all countries, 1% of people control all the processes in the world and play the “Hunger Game”.

The Technocrats society rules the world, using Al technology, whose focus is in China but in other countries. By two 2030s, their goal is to connect everything to Al, using Internet connections. Whoever controls Al will have insight into the perception of the whole society. It is a single-currency company that will flow through intetnet networks, with no cash or real money.

Problem: reaction – solution, is one of the techniques in order to reach the goal of creating an artificial problem, to reach the public opinion that a solution must be found for this problem. Examples are:

Climate change – chance

Coronavirus- coincidence

Economic crisis – coincidence

He says we need to re-examine what the authorities are telling us.

Hunger Games implies that there are no small medium-sized enterprises, not even family businesses, the aim is that there are only large corporations, which will produce all products and for everyone.

What the coronavirus hysteria creates creates around the world and leads to the destruction of small, medium and family-owned businesses.

They do not care about the health of people, especially retirees or people in general, because people inhale polluted air, drink toxic water and eat sugars, which is bad for the immune system. The world is polluted by electromagnetic radiation. Retirees receive insanely small pensions that they cannot afford to feed well.

They want a cashless digital society. Tedros Director of the ZSO said do not touch paper notes, they are contagious, they are increasingly seeking electronic payment. Based on that story about infected banknotes, they will make a cashless society.

What they introduced because of the coronavirus, the entire economic system was shut down. A pandemic involves a survival mechanism.

In China, which is a technocratic state, they have millions of cameras and people watching at any given moment can know what each individual is doing. China has developed a social credit system, if you act like it suits the country you get social credit, otherwise it will be blown away. When you reach below a certain level you cannot ride on public transport, today, one million Chinese people cannot fly a plane. With Al technology, they follow every individual at every moment. China is a technocratic state, it tends to become the whole world.

The idea behind the cult has always been intimidation-change

We need to remain calm and not be afraid of the unknown. They are doing everything under the isogorm that they want to protect you, and they don’t care about retirees or others, so that the stock market wouldn’t make them as rich as half humanity. Human society is the sum of human perception, if we change the perception society changes. The world is controlled by fear!

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