The teacher burned all her diplomas and licenses in front of the Assembly and stated: “I don’t need a job in such an education system”

Belgrade: Serbian language teacher Ena Nedić burned all her diplomas and licenses in front of the Serbian Parliament tonight, dissatisfied with the general situation in society.

“I am ashamed of everyone who is not ashamed of the fact that the Minister of Foreign Affairs is a man who does not know any foreign language, and speaks Serbian as if he were a foreign language, the Minister of Defense is a shame for every honorable Serbian soldier, I am ashamed that the Prime Minister was elected by “sexual orientation, not by qualifications, and the Minister of Finance continues to work and lead the finances of this country with a proven forgery. And many other things I am ashamed of,” she said.

She called on all people “to understand that they are people”, adding, as she stated, that it is not important who has what degree but what kind of people we are, and that is not taught in colleges, but it is a school of life.

Burning her diplomas, she said that it was “devalued education”.

“It is a devalued knowledge for which sexual services are sought in Serbia, and a list of safe SNS voters for teachers to come to schools, and any just and righteous man … This is a symbolic gesture by which I bury my faith in this country and call on all normal people, free citizens to come together independently of political options and parties, to end this once and for all, ”she said.

To the comment of one man from the group of gathered “girls, don’t fire it”, she said that she is not a girl, but according to “Vučić’s statistics – young at 36”.

“I should already have an organized life, I am a parent, a mother, an educator and I am not Vučić’s youth, and I do not need a job in such an education system,” she replied.




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