The return of the Ottoman Caliphate?

Kemal Ataturk, who founded the modern Turkish republic after dropping the Ottoman Caliphate…

End of the Ottoman Caliphate: The ‘Real Story’ – Photo: Ayaan Institute

…gave up the properties of the Ottoman Empire in three continents in an agreement called the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 .. so that this treaty ends in 2023 !!

☝ … Why does Erdogan always talk about the year 2023?

☝ … And why is Europe, especially Germany, in a state of terrible anxiety from 2023?

☝ … the treaty was concluded with the victorious Allies of World War I, who were still occupying large parts of Turkey.
Britain is the one who set these dangerous and unfair conditions for controlling Turkey until 100 years from the date of its signing in 1923 .. including: –👇👇

1 – The abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate – and the exile of the Sultan and his family outside Turkey.
2 – Confiscation of all property of the caliphate and the Sultan.
3- The declaration of the secularism of the state.
4- Prevent Turkey from exploring for oil on its territory and it can only import oil.
5- Considering the Bosphorus Strait is an international waterway, and Turkey is not entitled to collect any fees from the ships passing through it (the Bosphorus Bay linking the Black Sea to the Sea of ​​Marmara and then to the Mediterranean), meaning a waterway of great importance such as the Suez Canal.


This treaty will expire in 2023 and will be 100 years old. From here, he noted Erdogan’s successive statements that by 2023, the old Turkey will end and there will be nothing of it, and Turkey will accelerate oil exploration, and dig a new water channel linking the Black Sea to Marmara in preparation for the start of collecting fees from passing ships.
From here, you can understand some aspects of the ongoing war between Turkey and the West with great ferocity.
It is outrageous injustice and unfairness to know nothing about the Ottoman Empire except the policy of Turkification, the Association for Union and Progress, the execution of Arab intellectuals, and other manifestations of injustice that dominated the country in the late Ottoman era, exclusively in the last fifty years of the state that ruled five hundred years, and that is after That the whole world pleaded with her, and deceived her the deception of the night and the day, and brought on her with his horses and feet, and the Jews seeped into her joints, and she was called (The Sick Man of Europe) she was no longer able to run the country and her nakedness began to disintegrate one after the other until all of them fell.

The question here:

☝ Is it not unfair to reduce 500 years of jihad and raise the banner of Islam in only the last 50 years of its life?

Is it not unfair to ignore more than 100 million Muslims who entered Islam because of it?

☝ Isn’t it unfair to ignore its role in preventing the Safavid Shiite sect from expanding in the Arab countries, and for that, the Galderan battle was fought ?!

☝ Is it not inconvenient for our intellectuals to be ignorant of the fact that the Ottoman Empire saved the Muslim prisoners in Andalusia (Spain) from the Inquisition, and even the Jewish prisoners, through fierce naval battles led by the two Muslim heroes, the brothers Barbarossa with the Spanish and Portuguese?

Is it not ignorance, obscure, and disobedience, does our youth not know anything about the fictional battle ((Nicopolis)), which is more like a world war where Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Scotland, Luxembourg, Poland, and Bulgaria met by order of Pope (Boniface IX) to eliminate the Ottoman Empire The result was – as usual – a crushing defeat for Europe and Russia and a dignified victory for the Ottomans under the leadership of (Ba Yazid I), so the Islamic state expanded from the Euphrates in the east to the Danube in the west? A question may arise in the mind of the reader, which is: Where was America and what is its position on that war? The answer, my friend: America, under the leadership of George Washington, was paying tribute to Algeria under the leadership of (Buckler Hassan) at that time in exchange for protecting American ships in the Mediterranean and preserving the American prisoners who were captured by Algeria in a naval battle that cannot be mentioned now. Here is the text of the American armistice written by George Washington with the Caliphate State :
“The United States of America pays the Ottoman Empire an amount of 12,000 Ottoman gold Liras annually, in exchange for the release of the American sailors captured in Algeria, and not to be exposed to American ships in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic.”

☝ And I am now whispering in your ear and saying to you: Perhaps this truce will solve the mystery of French deformation in Algeria, where the French killed more than a million and a half Algerian martyrs?

Is it not bad manners to criticize the country that single-handedly confronted more than 25 Crusades against the Islamic world and was always victorious ?!

Is it not unfair to revile the state whose last Sultana (Sultan Abdul Hamid) paid his throne as a price for sticking to Palestine and not handing it over to the Jews ?!

Is it not inconvenient that our young people do not know anything about Suleiman the Magnificent *, * whose death struck the church bells in Europe, a three-day thankful mass by order of the Pope personally, who is the leader of the Battle of Mohacus that we talked about in the publication Harem of the Sultan?
As well as Bayezid I, the leader of the immortal battle of Niko Polis, who stood the whole world on the combs of his feet waiting for the outcome of the battle, McCann, and Selim I, was the leader of the Battle of Galdiran, in which he eliminated the Safavid tide, as well as Sultan Abdul Hamid, the owner of Palestine, who said to the Jews: “Palestine is not the property of Sultan Abdul Hamid, but for all Muslims, so collect the signatures of the Muslims for me that they have given up Palestine in order for me to give up.” Likewise, Muhammad bin Murad, called (Muhammad Al-Fatih), because he conquered Constantinople, which all the great Muslim leaders from the era of the Umayyads sought to conquer And that is because the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, preached and praised her conqueror. Imam Ahmad narrated in the Musnad that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said:
“Let Constantinople be conquered, let us bless the prince, its prince, and bless the army with that army.” The conquest took place under the leadership of Prince Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, may God have mercy on him, on March 29, 1453 AD. He is twenty-one years old.

☝ Isn’t it a great disincentive for these giants to keep their heroics locked up in drawers and public and private libraries, and our youth know nothing about them while they know * Messi and his brothers’ shoe tigers, Superstar and her sisters, Sylvester Stallone, and his brothers *?

☝ Finally, is it not unfair that the Arab and Islamic curricula do not mention Bayazid, Selim al-Awwal, Sultan Abdul Hamid, or Suleiman the Magnificent?

Those are my fathers, so bring me something like them * If you bring us together, you are the ones in councils

History of the Ottoman Empire, by Muhammad Farid.
The Ottoman Era, by Mahmoud Shaker.
History of the Ottoman Empire, Yilmaz of Ozthonia.

☝ What I have read now is a summary of (500) years of history.
I hope to share the post so that everyone learns what they have forcibly made us miss.

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