THE PRIESTS IN Podgorica DID NOT BE ARRESTED Told for briefing and released

Prosecutor of the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office (ODT) in Podgorica, Milica Mandic, told TVCG that no one was arrested today.

“It’s not about making an arrest. The police called the citizens for an informational interview and gathered the necessary information from them as citizens. All these notices have been submitted to the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica, which is competent to appreciate those notices, “Mandic said.

He adds that as of April 9, cases against 51 persons have been filed in the Police Department of Podgorica, due to the criminal offense of failure to act in accordance with health regulations for the control of a dangerous infectious disease.

“Following the instruction of the Chief State Prosecutor for such a large number of violations of measures taken by the competent, we organized in the ODT work in three prosecutorial teams in order to be able to hear all persons as suspects in the short term. The Basic Court in Podgorica has so far adopted 14 plea agreements, which the defendants concluded with ODT, for this crime, that is, failure to comply with health regulations for combating dangerous contagious diseases. On this basis, therefore, the agreement has so far been paid, either as fines or as payments to humanitarian organizations, for an amount exceeding € 23,000, for breach of measures taken by the competent state authorities to combat the spread of coronaviruses. The remaining 22 agreements concluded by the Prosecution with the defendants were submitted to the Basic Court in Podgorica for further action and decision, “Mandic said.

“A criminal offense or imprisonment of up to one year shall be prevented for the criminal offense of failure to comply with health regulations for the control of a dangerous and contagious disease under the Criminal Code of Montenegro. death, many more severe imprisonment sentences have been imposed and these are imprisonment sentences of one to eight years, ”Mandic added.

Although numerous news outlets have reported the arrest of priests, it is still a matter of bringing them to an informative interview.

The Metropolitan of Montenegrin coastal Amfilohije and some priests left the Podgorica Security Center where they were brought in for an informative interview, Mina agency from the Metropolitan was told earlier.

Amfilohije served the liturgy at the church in the settlement of Zlatica in Podgorica, and in addition to him at Zlatica, the priest Velibor Džomić, the priest Lek Vujisić and deacon Ivan Crnogorčević were invited to the hearing.

The priests who were in the Temple of Christ’s Resurrection in Podgorica, Mirceta Sljivancanin and Branko Vujacic were also apprehended.

Source: Patria Agency

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