The 15 Most Common Scams Thieves Use To Con People Are Hiding Right In Plain Sight

15. Believe it or not, things don’t even get safer inside your home. In fact, a simple phone call can create a whole new set of problems…

So, let’s say you’ve decided to pick up that call. The connection isn’t great, so you can’t identify the voice on the other end of the line. But it’s asking you a dangerous, four-word question.


The question isn’t about who might be hiding in your house, waiting to pounce when you turn the corner. No one is asking what you did last summer. It’s actually something much scarier.

The question is “can you hear me?” Sounds ordinary, but don’t exhale just yet. Even if you can hear the mysterious caller, there’s a hidden reason why you shouldn’t respond positively to their prompts….

The person on the other end of the line could be trying to lure you into saying “yes” and recording your statement. But what could they possibly do with that?

Users are frequently asked to say “yes” in order to confirm changes to a bank account or authorize charges. A scammer could use your recorded response to potentially access your information or claim you agreed to pay a hefty fee.

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So how should you respond? Experts recommend turning the question back on your caller, asking if they can hear you. But that’s not the only phone call that can turn out poorly…

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Our advice for all of you:

“Take care of yourself”

“Watch your Back”

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