The celebration of Republic of Srpska Day is being prepared

While Christian Schmidt warns, that preparations for the celebration of the unconstitutional Day of the Republic of Srpska are ongoing

Christian Schmidt. Photo YouTube PrtSc

The organizers of the parade on the occasion of the unconstitutional Republic of Srpska Day announce the most spectacular celebration so far.

It will be held in Banja Luka on Trg Krajine, where 200 drones are planned.

The formal academy and the night parade will be held on January 8 and 9. After the parade, a concert will be held, and Danica Crnogorčević will perform the song “Za život Srpske”, and Baja Mali Knindža will perform a song about the RS, which will be performed for the first time by the Police Orchestra of the MUP of the Republic of Srpska.

As a reminder, High Representative Christian Schmidt said that the celebration of January 9 as the Day of the Republic of Srpska is a clear and direct failure to implement the final and binding decisions of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the decision of the High Representative from July 1, 2023.

He warned that disobeying the decisions of the Constitutional Court constitutes a criminal offense under the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is up to the law enforcement authorities, the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, and the police, to take the appropriate next steps prescribed by law, especially in cases related to public officials and civil servants and their participation in the preparation or organization of the January 9 celebration.

“The rule of law is an indispensable prerequisite for a stable and prosperous future for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with communication, dialogue, and compromise. These should be the guiding principles in deciding on the celebration of Republic of Srpska Day, because only then will this be a holiday that all citizens to be able to accept and celebrate and which can strengthen the ties between the citizens of the RS, and not further divide them,” added the high representative.


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