Tadic: Vucic is conducting the most brutal political campaign in recent Serbian history

Social Democratic Party President Boris Tadic said that, in parallel to the fight against the virus coronas and “under the mantle” of that fight, “it is conducting the most brutal functionary campaign in the recent history of Serbia.”

“Vucic is no longer just a man above all laws and institutions, but also a special educator of the nation, who deals with every detail in his daily Orwellian speeches; all decisions depend on his goodwill; all help that comes from his personal contacts and so on,” Tasic, former president of Serbia, told today’s edition of Danas.

As he said, “this gives the false impression that it depends on him personally the life and death of every man in Serbia and that all who survive should be personally grateful to him.”

Tadic also said that it was obvious that “certain doctors were selected to actually be media doctors and public supporters of this government.”

“So we have come not only into a comical but also dangerous situation, with public doctors becoming more and more politicians, and Vucic increasingly taking on the role of a physician. It would not surprise me that after this media trip to medicine, his most fanatical followers are going to they are addressing him with a request that he prescribe them recipes, “Tadic said.

As he said, one cannot trust completely the doctors who send criticism to the citizens, and no criticism of the government that is virus-transmitting at the time when all these citizens are infected.

“As I thought it was necessary to discuss this decision in all its aspects before coming to a boycott decision and to come up with a unified position, so now I think that given the new situation and the behavior of the authorities during this crisis, it was responsible for us all discussing the boycott decision together, “Tadic said when asked about the elections.

He estimated that the developments could be such that the opposition estimates that there are even stronger reasons for the boycott, but also that the only responsible and adequate decision would be to give up the boycott.

Source: Beta Agency

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