Shocking interview of Zlatko Miletic, a man who knows everything about politicians: I know everything, they have gone through my investigations

At least five who are with me in the House of Peoples of this state have been the subject of an investigation while I was director of FMUP!

Who are the names? I will not, I have to deal with them again … one has 19 offenses, more than Branko Copic collected works! Is it Covic? Radoncic was in prison, we know about him. Bakir?

Bakir had his application in 2002, when he gave his license to Avaz … Spiric, Sarajlic? The court evidence disappears, they are stolen, they pay to disappear, one paid 250,000 euros… Did you “handcuff” the handcuffs from Lagumdzija?

I did not… he sat in those meetings at the Bosniak Institute, he knew but did not report what they were doing, it was his fault, otherwise I would report him… in one day, in a coordinated manner, the “racketeering” indictment and the indictment against Dodik were dropped from the state court and Cantonal! How? Well, there was the employment of women … The Crown Law was adopted by counting one vote, one MP from the ZDK twice! The money that Novalić is not his grandmother!

Whoever comes to FACE, in this show, will be stigmatized, they wanted to replace Dr. Tanović immediately! Mesihovic is my friend and dear but he does not manage in this situation, it is fairer to leave if he does not go .. It is full of affair, respirators, Crown tests… respirators are the work of organized crime, the Prosecution could immediately arrest some people! I would listen to Solakovic and Novalic, so I listened to the Prime Ministers! We have Korona profiteers!

How will it split 5.5 billion? By using the money for themselves, their system and not for the workers! “Journal” published a movie about Solak, if I were Novalic, after 15 minutes of film I would suspend Solak based on the movie only! Fikret is at least to blame, the system is to blame. Only clientelism and nepotism work in this country! No opposition! They are destroying the economy! Whoever thinks the Corona Law is good, may be standing in line waiting for those 370 stamps of sadaka! We need leaders, people with authority, who we will trust when they speak!

This will take a long time! 30,000 dairy workers don’t know who to sell milk to, that’s 7,000 businesses and farms! With the resignation I wanted to draw attention to our condition! Komšić? I appreciate it, I respect it, but … I was not for the SDA and SBB coalition, Komšić trusts the wrong people too much, none of the seven DF Vice-Presidents were at war! We had a “fuse !, me and Komsic that Izetbegovic did not negotiate with Covic himself on the Election Law, but… By joining a coalition with the SDA and the SBB, we risk joining NATO!

Neither was Forta’s government good, Konakovic cannot take money privately and distribute 600,000 KM! They lied about the price of the helicopter, it’s not 20, 30, 40 million but 9.7! There’s a helicopter, a Long Ranger, I got it back, it was stolen, I got it almost privately, it has ten seats, it’s big, it needs 200,000 marks to be serviced and nobody does it! I have a problem with poltrons in DF that clash with Novalic! I do not stay in DF, I am independent, I remain in the House of Peoples.

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