Serbia’s chief epidemiologist Kon announces his withdrawal: “It’s time to step back and let the better ones lead the pandemic”

Serbian epidemiologist dr. Predrag Kohn posted on his Facebook that it was time to step back and “let the better ones run the pandemic”, stating that the reason for this was attacks on him and a team of experts on the social network for penetrating the coronavirus at the Gerontology Center in Niš.

– As far as I see on Facebook, the main “culprit” for the virus penetration into the Gerontology Center in Nis is me and the expert team. It’s time for me to step back and let the better ones lead the pandemic. I don’t know better and I can’t. I’m not going to wage wars against anyone but the virus. I am constantly monitoring all thinking people and how all the anger instead of the situation and the virus itself turned on me and the expert team it is time to take shelter. Temporary shutdown … All the best! Kon wrote.

He was recently promoted from the rank of reserve major to the rank of health lieutenant colonel by the decision of Aleksandar Vucic for his contribution to Serbia in the fight against coronaviruses.

Because of the infestation among the most vulnerable, all 140 users and four employees of the Gerontology Center in Niš, who were infected, were evacuated and housed in the Niš Clinical Center, and the director of the M.S. Center (47) was arrested and given a 48-hour custody.

Source: Factor

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