Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra launches ‘Classic in coronavirus time’ program from April 6th

SARAJEVO, April 4 (FENA) – The Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra will launch a program on Monday, April 6th that will ease the heavy burden of time spent by citizens due to the coronavirus pandemic, and will be implemented under the title “Classics in the Corona Age” .

Director of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra Samir Lokvančić states that it was no coincidence that he was chosen to start the project on April 6, because in this way he wants to show once again that the Philharmonic is an integral part of the Sarajevo being. The program is designed for all generations, for those who are fans of classical music, as well as those who are just about to enter the world.

– The circumstances are such that as an orchestra we cannot work together, but we have already started activities that will help us to return to the stage as soon as possible and shine in full splendor. We are working on a program to start the new season, anticipating the consequences of having a pandemic. We will offer a return to the audience in the style and quality that our audience deserves, ”the Sarajevo Philharmonic said in a statement.

A number of soloists with whom they have had a successful collaboration were contacted for the project, which began on Monday, working closely with Artistic Director of the Sarajevo Evenings of Music Festival Ninoslav Verber.

– We have noticed that the artists we have collaborated with at the moment can recognize extreme lethargy and depression on the one hand, while on the other you have great enthusiasm and creative urge. We all react differently and we need to keep that in mind before we criticize anything today. We need to have the faith and the strength to overcome this all – it stands out.

In just over a month, the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra was supposed to host a couple of leading soloists at the SVEM Festival, premiere the opera “Mala Floramy” and the ballet “Šeherzada”, arrange children’s concerts, and it was canceled.

– The ancient Romans recorded in their wisdom “Inter arma musae tacent” – “Among the weapons of the muse of silence”. Just over a quarter of a century ago, the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, like all other artists, showed the opposite, showing that even among cannons, the voice of reason, the voice of universal beauty and ingenuity, must be heard. Although the cannon could not be heard this time, the muses were silent – the statement said.

The Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, it is added, does not have the production machinery that can respond to the challenge as other orchestras do, and its members have designed a program that will still be able to reach every home and no matter how shy and quiet at first, for Euterpa, the muse of music, to speak again.

– We have contacted artists we have collaborated with in the past and have already received responses in the form of short video messages as a kind of Music Postcard. The intimacy of their homes and music medallions with audiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina are shared by artists from Italy, Germany, Turkey, Russia, England, Croatia, Serbia … – it stands out.

A Children’s Corner has also been designed to reach every child in an original way and with a certain interaction. In the last ten years, they have been working on children’s projects with Mario Drmac, who has done his best to communicate between the orchestra and the youngest audience.

– This time Drmac transcended himself and with our help created very entertaining and instructive videos. With this we will also have a Recommendation of the Day, what to listen to, a look. We will strive to involve as many people as possible from different segments of society in this idea. Choosing recommendations we keep in mind that classical music has long been used for therapeutic purposes, relaxes and motivates us to use our ability to think abstractly, and is certainly one of the important instruments to endure these difficult times – the Philharmonic.

Finally, the members of the orchestra say – “This is a battle in which we all participate, we are all soldiers on the front line of defense. At the moment, we are not reviewing the decisions of the competent, but implementing orders to win as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible. We are expected to we do our best, the best we can. The Sarajevo Philharmonic is also in this fight. ”

Source: Fena Agency

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