SARAJEVO: At a time of isolation, women returned to old crafts, weaving and recycling at the same time. Worthy women, from old to new!



carpet – a path of wool


We asked some women in Sarajevo what they were doing in isolation. The target group was female housewives who had no work obligation. We came across a perhaps unique case, a Z. S. woman who lives in “Alipasino polje” in Sarajevo and who made a makeshift loom in her glazed terrace.



It is one almost forgotten and rare craft today, and it is interesting that the said woman makes everything from natural materials, wool and cotton. She gets her wool from her native village, which, she says, is kind local women purred. The color itself is in onion tea and beetroot juice.


When weaving, the wool trail uses only natural colors, not artificial ones. Because the area on the terrace is very cramped, it usually makes smaller paths and ornamental table covers.


Set of trails

She claims that she wears the basis of recycling, from old sweaters that are no longer worn, and weft from the aforementioned materials, hand-woven wool, which she paints with natural colors.

This is the way they mostly do wool trails, they are 100% natural and partially recycled.



Cotton trails do the same. In this case it is all about recycling. Z. S says of the old new. It thus contributes to sustainable development and waste reduction.




It also uses old knit garments as a base for the cotton lanes. While for the weft he mostly uses cotton T-shirts and other cotton worn garments, which he cuts into ribbons, which he weaves on the loom. That way he makes cotton runs.



The width of the tracks is limited by the width of the break, but the length can be up to a meter and a half. She usually makes stripes because it all depends on the color she has. The paths are the color of cotton T-shirts and other garments. She collects t-shirts from his household and relatives. She, in turn, makes them new trails or rugs that are unique from the things that would end up waste.


Staza od pamuka


Z. S She used to do this craft in her childhood, and now it is good for her to pass the time in isolation faster, while doing useful things and things that she loves and will benefit the others.




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