Respirators went everywhere, arrived nowhere, Podgorica-based company “BTL Medical Montenegro” in the center of the scandal in BiH

After the accusations of the Belgrade “Sinofarm”, the Podgorica company “BTL Medical Montenegro” is at the center of the scandal in BiH as well.

The business of the Podgorica company “BTL Medical Montenegro” was at the center of a regional scandal – now in Bosnia and Herzegovina they doubt the regularity of business transactions during the purchase of respirators, and previously they complained about this Montenegrin company from Serbia.

The Bosnian Prosecutor’s Office, through Montenegrin colleagues, requested documentation from the owner of “BTL Medical Montenegro”, Sanja Lekić, on allegedly suspicious transactions and mediation in the purchase and sale of respirators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to yesterday’s media reports, Bosnian prosecutors confiscated documents from Lekic through Montenegrin colleagues, because allegedly her “BTL Medical” appears as an intermediary in the procurement of 100 respirators from China, which were procured for the needs of the Federation of BiH (FBiH) by Srebrena Malina. ”, And commissioned by the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ).

Yesterday, Lekić did not answer the calls of the “Vijesti” editorial office, so we could not get answers to the questions whether she mediated in the purchase of respirators for the company “Srebrena malina”, and whether these were respirators that the Belgrade company “Sinofarm” should have received. when the Montenegrin Prosecutor’s Office called her to submit information to the BiH Prosecutor’s Office.

Earlier, Belgrade’s “Sinofarm” asked the Podgorica Commercial Court to urgently ban Lekić from disposing of five million euros, paid in advance at the end of March for the purchase of 200 respirators, for the treatment of Serbian citizens suffering from coronavirus. A decision of the Commercial Court on that request is pending.

There is no time for “Vijesti”, she called her Bosnian colleagues

Although the owner of BTL Medical Montenegro was unavailable for Vijesti’s questions yesterday, she told Bosnian colleagues that her company had provided all the information to prosecutors.

“Yesterday, there was a special prosecutor’s office here on that issue and it received all the necessary information. It is, in fact, an annex to the contract where the company “Silver Raspberry” was supposed to cooperate with the company “BTL Medical” and they did not achieve cooperation, but achieved direct cooperation with the company from China. “Everyone here saw that there were no transactions, that there were no payments and that nothing was done with the company ‘BTL Medical’ …”, Lekić told “Oslobođenje”.

According to the documentation published yesterday by the media in BiH, the first contract was signed on April 14 between the company “Shanghai ChangQi Medical Technology Center” and the buyer – the Montenegrin company “BTL Medical Montenegro”, for the purchase of 100 respirators manufactured by “Chang Feng”, model ACM812A ”, Totaling 30 million Chinese yuan (3.9 million euros).
An annex to that contract was signed on the same day, and it states F. H. “Silver Raspberry LTD” as the final buyer – for the same products, the same quantities, the same amount of money. The date of delivery of the product is April 21.

According to the contract, signed on April 3 by Fikret Hodzic, the owner of “Silver Raspberry”, with Fahrudin Solak, director of the Federal Civil Protection Administration, the deadline for the delivery of respirators was April 15. The Bosnian company did not have an import permit at the time.
Respirators arrived in BiH on April 25th, and two days later, a Bosnian company received an express import permit from the BiH Medicines and Medical Devices Agency.

“The contract envisages the delivery of invasive respirators ‘HC VE 003’, and the devices ‘ACM 812A’ were delivered. That was not a sufficient reason, as well as the fact that the delivery deadline was breached to terminate the contract “, further states” Oslobodjenje “.

The same respirators were (not) bought by “Sinofarm”

Coincidentally or not, the model of the respirator ‘ACM812A’ is in fact a model ordered from the Podgorica company BTL by the Belgrade “Sinofarm” – 200 pieces for the price of five million euros, which is why the Podgorica Court’s account is blocked from the Commercial Court.

On April 23, BTL Medical’s lawyer Goran Petrovic told “Vijesti” that they did not agree to terminate the first contract worth five million euros.

“That contract is being fulfilled. “Sinofarm” was late with the payment of money on March 30. They lost the agreed deadline, so at the request, the delivery was accepted by April 30 at the latest. Now, the execution of the contract for the delivery of 200 pieces of respirators model “ACM812A” for the buyer “Sinofarm” from Belgrade depends on whether the Serbian Embassy in Beijing will deliver an official letter to the Chinese supplier of these respirators, that they are intended for health institutions in Serbia. The money was supposed to be paid by “Sinofarm” on March 30 at 9 o’clock in our time, that is, at 3 o’clock in Chinese time, and it was paid in at 14.29 local time, that is, at 20.29 Chinese time. Due to that, the respirators could not be lifted from the camp in Beijing according to the contract, as it was agreed, “lawyer Petrovic explained to” Vijesti “.

He then said that they had assurances from the Chinese, on whose accounts five million were allegedly paid, that the respirators would be delivered by April 30 at the latest. That, however, has not happened until today.

On April 7, BTL Medical explained the reasons for the delay in the refund, stating that they forwarded almost nine million euros to the supplier of medical equipment “Segment Spec Technoexport LTD”, enclosing an email delivered to the company. The Podgorica company returned 3.9 million to “Sinofarm” of 8.9 million euros previously paid in advance for the purchase of 400 respirators that were allegedly in the warehouse of the Podgorica seller.

The owner of “BTL Medical” told “Vijesti” on April 23 that her obligation was to deliver respirators from the camp in Beijing.

From the Serbian Embassy in Podgorica on April 24, we are waiting for answers on how they view these strange transactions to the detriment of the Belgrade company and a comment on communication with the lawyer of “BTL” who wrote to them the day before asking for help in communicating with Serbia.

Chinese and Bosnians met “through friends”

Bosnian N1 television contacted the Chinese company yesterday.
As they announced on their portal, the Chinese company “Shanghai Chang Kai Medical Technology Center” told them that they had contacted “Silver Raspberry” “through a friend”.

“Shanghai Chang Kai Medical Technology Center”, the company from which the respirators were purchased for BiH, is registered at Caoli Road, Fengjing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai.

Data available on the Internet about the company of this name at this address say that the company was registered at the end of 2018.


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