Purivatra despite epidemic: This year’s SFF will be held as planned

“There is no doubt that the Sarajevo Film Festival will be held despite the crisis caused by a virus pandemic” – one of the world’s most respected film magazines, Screen Daily, announced today.

The COVID 19 crisis has hit the entire world, with events being canceled or prolonged on a daily basis. The still unknown fate of this year’s Cannes Film Festival has created uncertainty in the film industry.

“The Sarajevo Film Festival team is determined to overcome the chaos and crisis caused by the pandemic,” writes Screen Daily.

Director of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Mirsad Purivatra, confirmed that this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival will be held as planned, from 14 to 21 August 2020.

In an interview with Screen Daily, he recalled that the festival was launched in 1995, at a time when Sarajevo was bombed, surrounded by snipers.

“The first SFF was held when we had no food, water or electricity,” Purivatra told Screen Daily, saying that he did not want only the online version of the festival – the Sarajevo Film Festival will respond creatively to the new situation.

Jovan Marjanovic, one of the leading people at the Sarajevo Film Festival, said that it is expected that there will be fewer guests at this year’s festival and the way the program will be held will be adjusted.

“I believe that a large number of professionals will continue to participate in the festival because the Sarajevo Film Festival is a major meeting place for the film industry in this part of the world.”

The Sarajevo Film Festival team is in constant contact with representatives of all levels of government and relevant institutions.

In constant contact with the Canton and the City of Sarajevo, all possible options are constantly considered in accordance with the situation and recommendations, and first and foremost is the safety of health of all citizens of Sarajevo and visitors of the Festival.

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