Prof. dr. dr. Zehra Dizdarevic: I have never treated Dr. Sefik Pasagic!

SARAJEVO, (Patria) – Following a statement by KCUS, signed by Director-General Sebija Izetbegovic, asking for an examination of the role of Prof. dr. Zehre Dizdarevic in the treatment of Dr. Sefik Pasagic, who died on April 5 at a Podhrastovi clinic infected with coronavirus.

The reaction was directed by Prof.Dr. Zehra Dizdarevic, in which she denies that she treated Dr. Pasagic.

“I’m sorry I was not in the position to treat him. The cause of death is most accurately determined by autopsy. Sebija Izetbegovic directly participated in creating a situation of not doing autopsies because she fears for herself and fears her responsibility. She is most responsible because at the top of the vertical, not only in the case of Dr. Pasagic, but also in other cases, including a child who did not want to be treated, “said Prof. Dr. Zehra Dizdarevic for the Patria News Agency.

The story of doctors who are on sick leave is only to divert attention from Dr. Pasagic’s death, says Dr. Dizdarevic.

“Obviously, my criticism has been hit very hard because she deeply feels that her ignorance is damaging to the health of our population. I am sorry to have relented on the pleas to help her pursue an academic career and join an academic community she never belonged to,” concluded Prof. .dr. Zehra Dizdarević.

Source: Agencia Patria

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