Patient’s path to the problem since Izetbegovic began ‘managing’ the situation and implementing ‘reforms’

(Patria) – News that a young man was seriously injured in a car accident recently driven by General Hospital “Cf. Dr. Abdullah Nakash “to the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo and that he was not given adequate help for two hours did not surprise Dr. Dragan Stevanovic.

He publicly shared his opinion on the latest case, as far as no one knows so far.

“You are wondering, these situations have been repeated for four years, there have been more suspicious deaths of our fellow citizens. Such situations have started to occur since Sebija Izetbegovic began to” sort out “the health situation of Sarajevo Canton and implement” reforms “. Because of opposing such “smart” solutions that threaten the lives of our fellow citizens and prevent most conscientious physicians from normal work
-The Medical Chamber was destroyed and the leadership removed and obedient poltrons were brought
-I left the General Hospital some time ago because I do not want to participate in such patient care
-I am kindly “asked” to no longer “assist” the General Hospital
– The best doctors among us have left Sarajevo public health
-Now “eligible professors” teach young colleagues to be obedient rather than courageous, persistent, and heartfelt in treating their patients. You should not be surprised, “wrote Dr. Stevanovic.

The path of the patient has been a problem in Sarajevo Canton ever since the wish of Dr. Izetbegovic closed KUM at KCUS on Mondays and Fridays. The KS health system has been intensively preparing lately for the acceptance and treatment of a large number of Co 19 infections, and from the beginning, Dr. Stevanovic emphasized and urged the Ministry of Health regarding the decision to delay medical services that do not directly endanger the life and health of patients and that this is medically correct.

“However, there are services that cannot be delayed, such as all acute and conditions requiring completion of a medical intervention, such as removal of threads, plaster, treatment of a dehydrated child and another patient. Such patients are referred to a hospital by a family doctor, and then the calf starts, “warned Dr. Stevanovic.

At the last session of the KS Assembly, Minister Rusmir Mesihovic said there were three working versions on how to regulate the patient’s path. He said several experts are working on it and that nothing has been definitely determined yet. All options are considered, including whether to operate both emergency centers (KCUS and General Hospital) or not.

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