NO THERAPY Oncology patients were returned after hours of waiting from KCUS

(Patria) – The stories of real patients every day in Bosnia and Herzegovina reveal the shortcomings of a health system, organized according to the wishes of politicians and individuals, not the profession.

Thus, while director Sebija Izetbegovic says that her words are healing and that after her speech, fewer KCUS employees were not on sick leave, the story of oncology patients from several cities in BiH proves that KCUS does not have the necessary medicines!

Now it seems there are doctors and workers, but no therapy needed! The patient, an oncology patient, waited three hours to be told that they did not have the chemo therapy she needed to receive today.

Thus, this cycle of chemo therapy will skip, and will only continue with medication.

Patients were told to check in before the second cycle two days earlier to see if they had therapy or to buy from a pharmacy, and that their costs would be refunded.

As we learn at KCUS they do not have Oxaliplatin, it is available in pharmacies and costs from 220 to 250 KM.

The question is who of the patients has these funds to buy, so the slow process of reimbursement awaits.

In recent days we have been hearing that we have enough, and after a while we find out that we have nothing.

We will also be reminded of a story from the FBiH Ministry of Health, where we are convinced that no health service has been suspended.

Earlier, Patria published an article about how we will survive the corona, but not this health system created by Sebija Izetbegovic.

Today’s situation at KCUS is just one piece of evidence.

Patria / Balkantimes.press

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