New Orders: Respiratory supplies purchased, no public transport before May 15th

SARAJEVO, (Patria) – In order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus infection, the 18th Extraordinary Extended Session of the Federal Civil Protection Staff (FSF), chaired by Commander Jelka Milicevic, was held today (April 29th) in Sarajevo.

The session was also attended by Doc. dr. Sanjin Musa, Member of the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health and Head of the FBiH Department of Public Health Epidemiology, and, via video link from the hospital, Fahrudin Solak, Head of the FSHZ.

The new order, which applies for May 1, 2 and 3, prohibits the gathering of more than five people in one place. For the first three days of May, it is prohibited to move from 10 to 5 am in the Federation of BiH. The prohibition does not apply to persons who have a constitutional right and an obligation to perform certain duties in the legislative or executive branch, who are actively employed and professionally engaged in judicial and other bodies (judges, prosecutors, notaries, attorneys), in entities whose work is not prohibited by orders FSWH, to persons in urgent need of medical assistance or in case of need of care for children or the elderly, and persons with special needs.

The order of 24 April prohibiting the movement of persons over the age of 65 and under the age of 18, except on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, or Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at certain times, by supplementing the order applicable until 15 May, to such persons movement in the car.

The amended order with a deadline of May 15 deletes item 2 which still permits the operation of agricultural equipment stores, nurseries and florists.

On the basis of the recommendation of the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health, all activities in shopping and shopping centers in the territory of FBiH are ordered to be suspended, with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies and pharmacies. The operation of wholesale and retail trade operations of all kinds of products, services, small crafts within the meaning of the Crafts and Related Acts and outside shopping centers is allowed. These licensed shops are obliged to provide personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) and, if possible, the necessary social distance of at least 2 meters between persons, while respecting other hygienic-epidemiological measures, and to ensure at the entrance to the facility hand and footwear disinfectants. The owners of these stores are ordered to thoroughly clean and disinfect the premises before commencing daily work, using a disinfectant that acts on viruses according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Federal Ministry of Health is ordered to, in cooperation with the FBiH Institute for Public Health, make recommendations for the prevention of infections while working in shops, as well as in crafts that are allowed by this order. This Order shall apply from May 1 to May 15 this year.

The FUCZ was ordered to deliver 80 invasive respirators, procured by the Government of the FBiH, to clinical centers and cantons in the FBiH, at 10 Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, University Clinical Hospital Mostar and University Clinical Center Tuzla, 12 Una-Sana Canton, eight Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, six Tuzla Canton, five Zenica-Doboj Canton, Central Bosnia Canton Sarajevo, three West Herzegovina Canton and 10 Canton, two Posavina Cantons and one respirator in Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Goražde.

Under the new order, the FUCZ should distribute tests on the Crown Virus (Covid-19), at 2,000 Tuzla University Clinical Center and Mostar University Clinical Hospital, 3,400 Zenica Cantonal Hospital and 1,000 Sarajevo University Clinical Center tests. The FUCZ was ordered to make available protective equipment and equipment (4,400 gloves, 2,400 protective masks, 1,568 disinfectants, 750 ml and 50 ml, 470 ml packs) to federal ministries, administrations, administrative organizations and social institutions in the Federation BiH (FBiH). Protective equipment and supplies under this order will be delivered to the Federal Ministry of Justice (for Correctional Institutions), the Federal Attorney’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Geology, the Federal Police Directorate, Caritas Kitchens in Sarajevo and Zenica, the Association of Altruists “Friendship Hands” Lukavac and Sarajevo, National cuisine in Zenica, Public kitchens in Visoko and Bugojno, Public cuisine “St. Anthony’s Bread” Sarajevo, Public cuisine in Glamoc and Mostar, Kitchen “Fenix” Sanski Most, Public kitchen “Dobrotvor” Sarajevo, Red Cross kitchens of Sarajevo Canton and City of Mostar , Merhamet Kitchens (in FBiH), Stari Grad National Kitchen, Emmaus Kitchen and FBiH Red Cross (kitchens of other NGOs).

The FUCZ has been ordered to supply 90,000 transport media and as many swabs to all cantonal public health institutes.

At today’s 18th Extraordinary Session of the FSCZ, the FUCZ was ordered to outsource the use of 14 body temperature cameras to the Federal Inspection Directorate for installation at border crossings. The cameras give way to use while there is a need to use them at border crossings.

Management of health care institutions, regardless of ownership, was ordered to organize the health care activity for which they were registered, including hospital and outpatient health care (specialist consultative health care), in accordance with the epidemiological situation (Covid-19). The order also applies to holders of private practice, with the exception of dental surgeries. With this order, patients and / or users of services in healthcare institutions must adhere to the prescribed hygienic-epidemiological measures, maintain the prescribed physical distance, and wear protective masks.

For 26 orders with a deadline of 30 April, the new order was extended to 15 May this year. The orders concerning, inter alia, the prohibition of public assembly, the operation of cinemas, museums, theaters, concert halls, art galleries, public swimming pools and baths, sports centers, spas, fitness centers, and all catering establishments for the preparation and sale of food continue to apply. and pizza and shopping malls. Gathering in public playgrounds, playgrounds, parks and other public areas is still prohibited, and the suspension of the operation of open beverages, shopping areas and spaces around retail outlets is in force, except for open beverages and shopping areas with food items, with the exception of: shops groceries, hygienic shops, fish markets, butchers, pharmacies, specialized
medical, veterinary and equipment stores, agricultural pharmacies, gas stations, kiosks, bakeries, dry cleaners, specialized stores for the sale of orthopedic and other aids, specialized baby equipment stores, animal feed stores, construction, plumbing and electrical supplies, logistics and distribution centers for food, beverages and hygiene products, wholesalers, bookstores, auto parts stores, car dealers and car wash. The period of application and the order extending the public regular and non-line transportation of persons in road and rail transport has been extended, except for the registered taxi transportation of passengers.

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