Mother of assaulted schoolgirl from Srebrenica (Bosnia): I ask that our children be protected

Srebrenica’s Lejla Suljic confirmed to Anadolu Agency (AA) that her daughter, a ninth-grader, was attacked on Thursday on her way from school to home.

“First, there was a throw-in at my schoolroom, where training and a tournament were held, to my daughter, who is in ninth grade. When she left home around 2pm, she was approached by a dozen boys in eighth and ninth grade, they insulted her, shouted, spoke about her headscarf, surrounded her, did not let her go and go home, “Suljic said.

She said everything was happening on the stretch from school to kindergarten after which the boys got away when they saw the police.

“The child was stressed because nothing like this had ever happened. She came home accompanied by a neighbor who accidentally came across and brought her. The child was upset, ”Suljic said.

– Interviewed by a psychologist –

She added that everything was reported to the police and the Center for Social Work in Srebrenica.

“The school principal was also informed. Everyone said that they would take certain measures and whatever was needed. However, the school says nothing happened in the hall. I trust my child and I saw what she was like when she came home, “Suljic said.

The girl did not go to school today and was referred to a psychologist.

“From the Srebrenica Health Center, they referred the child to a Tuzla psychologist. She did not sleep all night or go to school today. It was a shock to her, she is ninth grade, “said Suljic, a mother of three children.

“I want it for my children and, of course, for my children. My three children are here. And when I’m at work do I have to think about whether my child can go home after school just because he wears a headscarf of his choice and preference. I’m proud of her. And no one has the right to deny her rights, “Suljic said, and believes that such and similar incidents should not happen, and if they do, there must be an adequate reaction.

– Children must be protected –

Suljic is determined to keep her daughter going to school as well as her other two children.

“They were born here and will grow up here. I hope the reaction will not come first because of my child and then because of the other children. In a similar situation, all children, regardless of nationality, may or may not wear a headscarf. I just ask that our children be protected. I expect the reaction of those in charge, the police, the school, the Center for Social Work, ”Suljic said.

Zvornik Police Directorate say the case was officially reported to the Srebrenica police station on Thursday.

“The report was acted upon by police officers of PS Srebrenica who informed the OJT Bijeljina duty prosecutor about everything and continue to take measures and actions within their jurisdiction in order to establish the facts and verify all allegations,” said Zvornik Police Department spokesman Miljan Bobar.

The First Elementary School did not want to comment on the case.

Anadolu / balkantimes.press

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