Magic Spa in Serbia existing from the Roman era

Iceland in Serbia near Kruševac City: Two hours from Belgrade there is a spa that is a real winter “paradise” on Earth

Fairy Winter Scene Park Covered With Snow, Ribarska Banja, Ribarska Spa, Serbia. Photo: Shutterstock

If you are bored in the city and want to spend an unforgettable day away from the city crowd, we have a great thing for you.

A little more than two hours drive from Belgrade, a small spa located in the forest, rich in thermal springs, awaits you. And water is healing.

On winter days, Ribarska Banja is particularly attractive to visitors due to its thermal springs and open pool with a water temperature of 38 degrees, which is why many call it “Iceland in Serbia”, writes City magazine.

Ribarska Banja is a shining jewel of Serbia, which was also known in Roman times. This magical place is located in the embrace of the Jastrebac mountain, near Kruševac.

Some sources say that the facilities in the spa were built on the initiative of Karađorđević, Prince Alexander, and King Peter the First, who, of all the spas in Serbia, liked this particular spa.

The healing properties of the water from the thermal springs date back to the time of the Romans, which is confirmed by the archaeological remains from the surroundings of the spa.

The baths, which are indispensable for all visitors today, are related to the era of Empress Milica, who allegedly came here regularly.


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The spa’s thermal springs are considered medicinal and have therapeutic properties because they are rich in minerals such as sulfur and other elements that have a beneficial effect on human health.

These sources are recommended for the treatment of conditions such as bone and joint diseases, and rheumatic and neurological problems, but also for improving circulation and general well-being.

As we have already mentioned, the charms of this spa and its healing springs were first discovered by the Romans, and quite by accident.

Several of their soldiers, after a few days of resting on this ground, while bathing and using the healing water, realized that they felt great and reborn, and we do not doubt that you will feel the same way if you spend at least a day in this spa.


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