Low carbon footprint: Istanbul Airport accredited for

Istanbul Airport joins a global community of climate-smart airports, regulatory agency announces

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Istanbul Airport on Wednesday received an international certificate for its efforts to manage and reduce its carbon footprint, informed by the AA.

The Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACI) awarded the airport its Level 1 Mapping accreditation.

“As Turkey’s gateway to the world, Istanbul Airport was awarded an international certificate as a result of its efforts to manage and reduce its carbon footprints as part of its environment and sustainability program,” said the ACI, a worldwide professional association of airport operators, in a statement.

With this award, it joins “the global community of climate-smart airports,” the statement added.

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At Istanbul Airport, sustainability “is at the heart of every operation,” the group noted.

At the global aviation hub, the greenhouse gas inventory management procedure has been re-regulated to make it compatible with ISO 14064-1, a series of international standards for environmental management.

Kadri Samsunlu, the CEO and general manager of IGA, Istanbul Airport’s operator, said: “While continuing our operations in line with our environmental and sustainability principles, we are also making the utmost effort to protect the balance of the climate.”

“We currently do not have a data history of previous years when it comes to the carbon footprint. Therefore, we have been entitled to receive the Level One Carbon Emission certificate,” he added.

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The airport has “a long way to go,” he said.

“I have no doubt that we will receive the certificates of Levels 2, 3, and 4 upon accumulating three years of data history. As IGA, we are determined to minimize our impact on the climate by reducing our carbon footprint at Istanbul Airport.”

İstanbul Havalimanı, “Havalimanı Karbon Akreditasyonu” kapsamında Uluslararası Havalimanları Konseyi (ACI) tarafından verilen birinci seviye karbon salımı sertifikasını almaya hak kazandı. ( İGA – Anadolu Ajansı )

‘Operational excellence’

Also quoting the ACI Europe Director General Olivier Jankovec, the statement added: “It is my pleasure to congratulate Istanbul Airport for achieving Level 1 in Airport Carbon Accreditation Carbon Resources Mapping!”

“Ever since its opening two years ago, Istanbul Airport has consistently delivered operational excellence and superior customer service, becoming in no time a reference amongst global hubs,” Jankovec added.

“We all know that we cannot wait for the health crisis to abate to address the Climate Emergency. At the same time reducing carbon emissions comes at a cost that cannot be absorbed easily in normal circumstances, not to mention the current financial devastation faced by airports across Europe and beyond,” he added.

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“Today’s news of Istanbul Airport’s successful accreditation exemplifies the continued commitment to climate action by the airport industry – a commitment that the sector doesn’t take lightly and that shouldn’t be taken for granted,” he said.

Last year, Istanbul Airport gained top global recognition by being named a 5-star airport by London-based air transport rating agency Skytrax.

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