Konakovic: All this was done by Seka! Bakir, Zeljko, Fahro – her army!

Osmica does everything according to Seke’s orders! Bakir and Sebija will not give up Sarajlic, he was my first soldier, it used to be Campara!

Asim couldn’t work without Bakir’s order, he didn’t retire, he set up his friends! Fahro listens to Seku! Bakir, Seka, Prevljak, Asim and Osmica are Family, the rest are associates only!

Because of Seka Bakir is trading the country! Efendic will not go into NiP, he cannot react only when he feels injustice! SDA scared Champara, could overthrow the government, after an interview on Face, he ended his career…

Champara will never be OSA director.

The question is what Champara would do, if we wanted to, we would “finish” Pec and Pleha and overthrow the Government! We will not overthrow this Government, we have more important work to do before the local elections! We are going to the coalition together for local elections – NiP, NS, SDP, NBL and some other parties!

We’ll burn them! SDA, SBB and DF must join coalition because SBB and DF failed parties! You had a mistake, Konakovic: Zukorlic, BANU and helicopter! I still think the same.

What is 60,000 compared to the million and 300 we gave for ANUBiH! Nenadic is nice and honest, he will remain prime minister as long as Seka allows. This is the worst BH team ever! Who did you hire? Never anyone, not mine, not mine!

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